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Why does Pinkie Pie have a strong relationship with Rainbow Dash?


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They have a very good dynamic. It makes sense, given that they both have outgoing and energetic personalities, which work great in tandem with one another

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Its probably because they have lot of things in common and i always thought about this, that they been with each other ever since g3. so i kind of get why they made them so close as like super best friends forever. spending with each other for many years. you can't break them. and how g5 made pinkie a peagsus which made them both EVEN closer, like sisters or forever ever friends. its like, rain with out a cloud, or a rainbow without its color, cotton candy without its sweet sugary taste, and many things that i can say.

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Pinkie Pie is randomly placed with any of her friends. It think it was just a few episodes where she was with Rainbow Dash, and that was mostly to do Road Runner type episodes. Then she was also tied to the Apple family in Season 4.

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