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general The Meaning of Colors


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Do these colors mean the same thing to you? Do they trigger something inside you to make you feel the way they are described?

I did a speech on this a few years ago for class and it was not my favorite, but I learned a lot on how each color represents something different for everyone. It's cool but bizarre at the same time.

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I always love the color of green which means endurance, stability, and growth. I don't how to explains this but green makes me feel good, while blue makes me feel relax. That's why I like teal. But any shade of greens are my favorite. I also like black too since it always reflects how I feel. 

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While Blue is relaxing in part because it's the color of the oceans and sky, I don't think I've ever heard anyone address how it's been adopted as a color for figures of authority.



About Her Majesty The Queen - Royal.uk

The Queen.

Duchess of Cambridge goes for blue as the royal family leave ...

Members of the royal family from left to right, William, George, Kate, and Charlotte.

Boris Johnson - Wikipedia

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK.

Theresa May Makes Statement in Blue Suit & Snake-Print Heels ...

Theresa May, former Prime Minister of the UK.

Macron tells Trudeau that France will ratify CETA 'as soon as ...

Emmanuel Macron, President of France left, and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada right.

How Angela Merkel became Europe's most powerful woman

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, left and leaning on the table. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan centered with crossed arms, US President Donald Trump sitting on the right.

Vladimir Putin cracks down on press with new law against foreign ...

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

Barack Obama In Blue Suit May Actually Be White President in Gold ...

Former US President, Barrack Obama.

Trump administration sued over regulations order | Business Insurance

US President Donald Trump left and Vice President Mike Pence right.

Adolf essay hitler

Adolf Hitler.

Not to mention militaries and police across the world. Blue's not the only color all that have been mentioned wear, but it's incredibly common and multiple images can be found of each, even for those whom the color would seem to be opposed to what would be used to symbolizes their beliefs and ideologies.

Blue has a similar expression of power as red, but it is resolute and levelheaded versus loud and passionate. Purple is traditionally a color for royalty, and yet blue seems to be the color of choice across nations over centuries. It's formal like black, but doesn't offend by standing out too brightly.

Blue not only a color that brings about calm, but order as well.

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So I looked up the meaning of the color pink (pink is one of my favorite colors) and now I see why I like it so much. 

"Pink, a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness. ... The color red represents heat and passion, while the color pink represents romance and charm." 

This part actually sounds a lot like myself..."sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming". 

Pink is so wonderful. I really love pink, especially pink aesthetics....


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The safe color to use is blue, followed by green. These colors will always be acceptable by most people.

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