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researching Problem trying to create a thread in Fim Show Discussion.


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Hello, so I went to make a thread in Fim Show Discussion, and I'm immediately greeted with a page saying that Season 9 content should go into a Season 9 spoiler forum. There's even a check box I have to click before I can make a thread. Since my thread involves Season 9, I clicked the link to go to the spoiler forum, but I was just greeted with the message below. What? Where's the Season 9 spoiler forum? I'm confused.

Sorry, there is a problem

We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

Error code: 2F176/1

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I didn't go to any of the Season sub forums in Fim Show Discussion. I just clicked the Start new topic button in the main Fim Show Discussion forum, the same link that you provided, and the following page comes up. Is that page not supposed to come up? All of the episodes from Season 9 have been out for a while, so I would imagine that it would be O.K. to discuss Season 9 topics, right?



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It's not about permissions, it's just a one-time reminder to keep S9 spoilers in the special spoiler area, that now is gone. :pout:

@DPBOX The spoiler forum is no longer a thing, hence why the link leads to an error. The message is now irrelevant, ignore it and just tick the box and proceed to topic creation. :grin: Once you tick that box, you shouldn't see that message again.


Although that's true, that the information there is no longer valid and may be confusing or scaring newcomers away, due to how "serious" it sounds. :awwthanks:

Hmm.. I don't think I've ever posted in that section --- and now when I tried, I got that message too. kaZdxtE.png







Hello? Hi @Jeric, should this message be still popping out? :P

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Well, the season 9 spoiler forum was deleted, so that must be why it isn't being found, it's mostly just the forum is outdated and the admins haven't removed the screen asking you if it is a season 9 thread.....yet

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