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Ranking the Creatures of Equestria


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Throughout my time on these forums I've seen a lot different opinions regarding the creatures of Equestria. It has made me really wonder what everybody's ranking of the species is. So, that's what I'm here to ask. How would you all rank the sentient creatures of Equestria? My rankings are:

  1. Pegasi (Flight, weather control, and everything else about pegasi is amazing, and they definitely get the top spot in my books)
  2. Batponies (They are very similar to pegasi which makes them awesome already. There are just couple things I prefer about pegasi)
  3. Unicorns (Unicorns and their magic can be pretty cool at limes. Only real nitpick is that their magic can be a bit overpowered)
  4. Earth Ponies (Although they don't have flight or magic, they can be cool too. Plus, they are still ponies; I just really like ponies in general)
  5. Hippogriffs (Now, there's a pretty big gap between Earth ponies and these. The design is okay, but it's nothing compared to the pony design. Plus, their powers are kinda weird)
  6. Griffins (Just kinda boring. Almost all of them are kinda just grumpy and mean. Plus,their skill set and design is much more boring than that of pegasi and batponies)
  7. Kirin (Just really weird. I like autumn Blaze a little bit, but the rest are just boring. plus, their abilities are vague and their designs are weird)
  8. Dragons (The dragons of MLP are really lackluster compared to dragons in other shows and books. They have this weird design that I just don't really like. Plus, they all come off as bratty)
  9. Changelings (What are those designs! Just...wow. Along with their poor designs, they are also kinda overpowered. Honestly, they were way better as villains)
  10. Yaks (Boring across the board. There's nothing about yaks that is interesting to me)

As you can see, I mostly just like the ponies. The way I see it, why stray away from ponies when they are already so interesting? But how about you all; what are all of your rankings? I'm excited to see them!

Ps: If there is any sentient species I didn't include in my rankings, feel free to add them to yours.


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Design-wise and development-wise, this thread isn't necessary cause the ponies win. What you have here is the equivalent of unit patch ranking that usually tells you more about the ability of people behind the patch and state of the game than it does about the units themselves.


Here's my ranking for creatures in general:

1.) Function (Do they perform a logical function within the world?)

2.) General coolness (Nuff said)

3.) Visual aesthetics (Do they follow the general aesthetics of your world?)

4.) Ease of use (Are they common or are they only to be used here and there?)


By these standards non-pones are shit due to this being MLP and not a classic multi-species fantasy world.

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I think that Pegasi are the greatest species, followed closely by Alicorns and then by Unicorns and Earth Ponies. I'm honestly not a huge fan of all the other creatures in the show, so I'm not going to give them individual ranks, but I will say that Kirins are probably my favorite with Yaks at the bottom. :fiery:  

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Well if it's ranking by how much I like them... let me see.

  1. Changelings. Of course I would put changelings on the top, I'm obviously biased. I like them a lot because I like their design both before and after reformation, it took me a bit to get used to though but I love the colors and the concept of being this kinda fairy/insect/pony/succubus body snatcher combination that is also overpowered by the kind of magic they have. 
  2. Kirins. They have the best of both unicorns and Earth ponies in terms of magic and attune to nature, combined with dragon and a lion in their design. I like that they are like a secluded group, kinda like an ethnic group from the mountains. 
  3. Earth ponies. It's kinda funny because of all types of ponies there are I like better the earth ponies because they are the ones that have more unique designs and they are pretty much everywhere, there's more earth ponies than the other races. Though I wished they had their powers better defined or defined at all but more than anything I admire not only their physical strength but their will power despite the odds being against them.
  4. Unicorns. Though i don't know if i would put them lower on the list simply because I'm salty that they are too overpowered compared to the other ponies which of course puts them above all others unfairly when they were supposed to be equal and the worst of all is that they very well know it and show it, high class, segregationists, etc. But aside from that the type of magic itself is very interesting, the spells. Just wished they weren't "the master race". But they do have very cool designs too.
  5. Hippogriffs/Sea ponies. Their designs are very cool for both forms. And they can live in the ocean and fly. I like them. They are the mermaids of MLP, kinda.
  6. Pegasi. I have the impression that most pegasi are arrogant and just plain assholes at times. I don't like it. But their type of magic to control the weather and this ability to walk on clouds is a very interesting concept.
  7. Centaurs. I just could have never imagine a centaur in MLP but Tirek is pretty cool and just knowing that there's others like him makes me happy.
  8. Ahuizotl. As a species. I really like how they did their investigation for the design itself based on the real life lore. 
  9. Dragons. They look very cool and their society is very different, I like it. But I wich we could have seen more of the grown up dragons (the big ones, not the fake spike's dad that I don't remember his name kind) more than the teenagers. Their type of society reminds me a bit of the Trolls in homestuck since it's apparently the teenagers that stay in their homeland ruling by themselves while the adults just do away and don't care. 
  10. Yaks. I think they could have been more developed but again their type of culture is not something that is easily understood. I like how they are very proud and protective of their culture but the first impression wasn't really great and that single fact carried across the rest of the show.
  11. Griffins. I like how they are not just one type of griffin, the classic lion eagle combination, but they are all mixed up with different types of felines and birds. I just don't like their attitude but I mean, it kinda makes sense in context.
  12. Breezies. Ughhhh.... just no. I don't like their weird proportions and their ultra delicate nature. How are they even still alive with how incapable they are?

I really like the existence of the other creatures in general. They make the world be more interesting and make it feel alive :Pharynx:

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1) Transformers Pegasus
2) Kirin
3) Hippogriffs
4) Earth Ponies
5) Griffons
6) Dragons(would be higher if the show didn't waste so much time on those teenage morons)
7) Unicorns(Wasn't fan of the writer's sheer hard-on and blatant favoritism towards unicorns in general)
8) Changelings(THE ORIGINALS)
9) Buffalo(really should have been given more love, I really hate how they were more or less replaced with the Yaks, who are utter garbage)
10) Bat Ponies(they're only good for [RETRACTED] but not much else)
11) Changedlings(oh fuck off with that reforming an entire species nonsense)
12) Humans(Yes I'm including these. Really boring in gen eral, just like in real life)
13) Breezies (are just really lame, incredibly fragile and delicate that it makes me surprised they don't just disintegrate when they walk outside. Completely useless addition to the series. So much so they never brought them back)
14) Yaks(just piss me off. Obnoxious and destructive for the sake of it, not in a fun way at all. I'm still amazed the writers wasted so much time on this garbage species)

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On 9/12/2020 at 10:59 AM, Jesse Terrence said:

Batponies > Pegasi > all other ponies > "creatures" :unamused:


On 9/12/2020 at 1:45 PM, King of Canterlot said:

I think that Pegasi are the greatest species, followed closely by Alicorns and then by Unicorns and Earth Ponies. I'm honestly not a huge fan of all the other creatures in the show, so I'm not going to give them individual ranks, but I will say that Kirins are probably my favorite with Yaks at the bottom. :fiery:  

Yeah, no matter how hard they try, the non-ponies in the show are just not all that interesting to me. I just can't find interest in their designs, abilities, and even their their lore. Ponies are just so well made, with great world-building, and rich character. The show is called My Little Pony, after all.

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My rankings:

1) Kirins- Need more kirin

2) Unicorns\Pegasi 

4) Dragons

5) Earth Ponies

6) Griffins 

7) Changelings(I like the originals better)

8) Hippogriffs 

9) Changedlings

10) Buffalo  

11) Breezies 

12)The rest of animals and less explored species 

13) Yaks- I really dislike them, by far my least favorite species, the only yak I am okay with is yona. 

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