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Times you were yelled at / gotten in trouble in school with teachers


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I remember I had my fair share of incidents. 

For elementary school in 3rd grade I was constantly getting yelled at for throwing stuff and being rude to other students. In 4th or 5th grade I was yelled at by my teacher for picking up the kickball in a river by the recess area, I don't know why that was such a problem. 

In 7th grade I was yelled at for punching a ceiling tile out of the ceiling infront of my science classroom, the teacher yelled at me and the screaming echoed in the halls and she made me put the tile back in the ceiling and not a word was spoken of that ever again. I think covers the times I got yelled at.

For when I got in trouble I was on the bus in 8th grade making sexual noises with 5-6 other students on the bus. Apparently they came into the principals office and reported me for it, that was all an awkward situation with the principal and my parents. I had an afterschool detention that day. I still feel wronged by that to this day, I was reported for something others were doing and I took the fall for them, yet they got off scott free? Thankfully I never got in trouble or was yelled at ever again.

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Middle school

  • Received an after school detention for 3 consecutive missing assignments 

High school:

  • Received a Saturday morning detention for swearing
  • Received another Saturday morning detention for threatening another student with violence
  • Received an in school suspension for slapping another student (it was warranted, trust me)


  • Received outer school suspension for NSFW behavior with another student
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I've mostly annoyed my teachers by correcting their mistakes, especially in high school where the tests were super simple and I could just point at the textbook and show them their answer was wrong. Sometimes it leads to good things and me getting points back on a test or quiz, sometimes the teacher is stubborn and refuses to admit they were wrong.

One of the latter cases happened to me recently in college; one of my profs last semester absolutely insisted after a quiz that wrought iron was less ductile than cast iron despite all evidence to the contrary. I kept sending him emails arguing until my parents managed to convince me to stop before I got him too mad lol

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Middle School

Detention due to various reasons, plus lunch study for missing work

Middle School, especially the 6th grade was not good for me...teachers didn't really understand my brain due to my condition related to autism, and made it seem like I was a problem...mainly my social studies teacher...ugh...

7th grade, had a short ISS because I hit a classmate because he was just being downright disrespectful telling me to to shut up constantly and I just about had it. 

Nothing more from there thank goodness. 8th grade and beyond teachers began to understand me plus I changed schools between 6th and 7th grade

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Lots of stuff in elementary school that I don’t want to think about. Most of it was my fault.

And I don’t remember anything like that in middle school. 

I had one teacher get angry at me for no reason in high school, but that was it, I think. 

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Middle school I remember getting yelled at a few times, since I had been disruptive those times. The most trouble I ever got in was in 7th grade when I made NSFW jokes with people in the back of the school bus, I'd been given a lecture, although I didn't get detention, unlike the others, because the most extreme thing I did was something I was peer pressured into doing.

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I put up with this a-hole called a philosophy prof in uni before managing to leave his class.

Since he already hated every student he taught in his class, why did he lump me in with them? Because I'm "like everyone of them."

So why did I and a lot of us get in trouble and were yelled at everyday? Because we're breathing and existing.

He has despised me and us for existing, because we're the reason why we're contributing to all the selfishness and entitlement on this planet. He said that a couple of students who committed suicide deserved it and that he proudly proclaimed that he was happy they did it. He said that the sexual assault survivors deserved what they got. And he says that they deserved what they got because "it's not bad at all." He even went so far as to say that he'd celebrate the "extinction" of the millennial generation.

The worst part of it all is that he was a priest. 

I cannot for the life of me understand why my own uni would employ someone like him who wanted us gone from the face of the earth.

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In elementary school, I got yelled at (UNJUSTLY) in class. The teacher was telling us how vitally  important trains were in delivering goods. My dad drove a truck and I saw it as me standing up to this SLANDER! 

I said in a loud 'stage' whisper "Let's see a train go door to door."

I didn't have to stay after school, but she lectured me for like twenty minutes about keeping my comments to myself.

This is going to sound really REALLY wrong. Again in elementary school, I accidentally used one of my dad's favorite insults. (Accidentally used it in a place a grown up would hear!)

Some kid was eating with his mouth open, making nasty noises as he chewed. I said

"You eat like a Philadelphian!"

(My dad to this day doesn't like how Philadelphia sports fans behave at games! We live in New Jersey. I'm a native born Jersey Girl!)

I got in trouble! The lunch aide that heard me lived in Philadelphia! She yelled at me!



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Well I could write a book on each grade but I will try to summarize(second rewrite to shorten):

Kindergarten: if you screwed up, you got drug into the hallway and loudly chewed out and then had to apologize at the front of the class. teacher locked the bathrooms, I grew up on well water, they had city water, city water made me thirsty, you can see where this is going. Was yelled at in front of the class for using the wrong pencil sharpener and it was said in the same stream of words that "if you weren't such a loser you'd have friends to tell you about that" when I couldn't really have any due to being a new family in the community and with that an untrue rumor about our family, which resulted in parents telling their kids to stay away from me and telling the teacher the same...and I know I was a scapegoat/target as if I did it, I had to do the whole thing mentioned above and if someone else did it they never had to. Got in trouble for using the swings too much when no one was on them at recess and for being "anti social and acting like a loser" and for reading and drawing too much and on and on...I'll stop there as I don't really want to dredge that up any more...also I wasn't treated like how other parents treated their kindergarten age kids, when I was strong enough to turn the bar or wheels on the equipment, such as on the 4 wheeler, I was helping move equipment from field to field, granted not on the roads, but across pastures and such at 5 mph...so being treated "like a kid" was foreign to me. I mean when I wanted to know something, I was pointed to the world book and if I didn't understand the words my parents told me what they meant, I could read decently before school...so I'm sure that didn't help any. 

Kindergarten II(I was held back due to "not being very social and a year younger than everyone else", I was 4 when I started kindergarten) through 4th I took the "do not speak unless spoken to" to the extreme and avoided the playground monitors as much as possible, so I don't really recall many from then.

5th it was "reading and drawing too much" as I was extremely bored and probably should have been jumped a grade but wasn't. That was a daily thing with the apology and yelling in the hall. Don't know why.

6-8 a return to basically not talking, too much reading and drawing. 

9-12 saying "screw it, they can't do anything without raising alarms of why a 4.0+ student would suddenly crash, I'm going to stand up for myself" and proving the teachers wrong and showing where the proof was and such, albeit a bit too...'brutally honest' I was told by a classmate. I figured I was disliked it was, my requests to skip a grade were denied even after I passed the finals for 9-11th with ease(in 9th) and denying the request to graduate early, I was told in every class I couldn't read or draw as it was distraction to those doing their work, I might as well test them then. As a result I got in trouble alot from that.

College: you may be paying for classes you have no interest in, but do not question them, their teachings, their opinions, or their logic. They ask for your opinion, you write for the grade unless you want to be put before their ethics committee and asked what did you mean. Luckily online colleges were taking off then so that's where I went.

Throughout all of that, I was surprised that the elementary/high schools never screwed with my grades as much as  I was disliked or got in trouble...as it was a common thing to "give someone a bump" if they were a known troublemaker to move them along faster...so the first part of my life was...fun...I wish I could forget most of it, but I'm sure I won't...so I might as well contribute to threads like these, perhaps someone will get something out of it.

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- In preschool, I was yelled at for taking my shoes off even though the reason one of them came off was because it got stuck between a couple of chairs

- In kindergarten I got yelled at for destroying some things in the science room (I was on a weird rebel streak that day)

- In 8th grade I had this crazy teacher who yelled at us for no reason at all, all the time. She would bounce between actually liking us to screaming at us just for asking for help. She was pretty rude, she even went as far to retire early and go golfing instead of attending our graduation

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I got yelled at a lot in Elementary school, too many times to count. Just a few include: Yawning during class, Going down the slide on my back during recess, Slightly chuckling during silent reading, and a bunch of other times I can't think of at the moment.

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I never really did anything bad enough to get seriously reprimanded so this will largely be a collection of incidents in which I was told not to repeat them. Apologies in advance for the wall of text.

In kindergarten a kid popped there head over a bathroom stall and started talking to me. I didn't think anything of it so I sat there and we had a whole conversation. I'd hear other kids doing the same thing and it became pretty regular so I started popping my head over too, when out of the few dozen kids involved, I started chatting with one who didn't appreciate my friendliness :ButtercupLaugh:. Anyways, he tells on me and that became a trip down to the principle's office. I didn't actually get into trouble but was told to stop and the bathrooms were a lot quieter after that.

That same year me and some classmates got in trouble, again for bathroom activities. This time it was sneaking off with markers to trace our veins.

In the second grade which was at a different school after moving, I got in trouble for bathroom stuff again, this time for sneaking off with books. I wasn't entertained by our lessons so found my time more worthwhile reading by myself. Unfortunately I spent too much time in there and was eventually caught. After that I resorted to sneaking pocket sized toys in with me until I was ratted out by the older brother of one of classmates oddly enough.

That's the end of bathroom stuff, I swear! But I did get into an argument with a classmate and we had to settle our differences before we could go to lunch. We were left by ourselves in the classroom and decided that lunch was the bigger priority within a minute. Also some of us had to erase our nipples from a project in which we were given paper figures to draw ourselves with swimsuits on, and that was a step too far for shirtless accuracy.

In the 4th grade I got into trouble thrice. The first for wearing my knight costume with a set of dragon wings with the main issue being that I brought a prop weapon to school, i.e. the plastic sword.

The second time was for bringing my pet caterpillar to class, but I was allowed to keep it in the little box I had brought it in that day, and then bring and keep it back at home. Yes it did eventually make a cocoon and all that :LunaMCM:.

The third that year, and honestly the worst thing I've ever done, was bring a dead rat to school. I had found the body along the route I walked, just underneath a pine tree. It seemed to be of good size and was whole. No idea what had happened to it and I didn't have much experience with dead things, so the next day I opted to show it to my friends on the playground. I went back to the spot with a reversed ziploc bag in hand and cleanly sealed it up. My friends weren't nearly as fascinated as I was, but they weren't super grossed out either. Eventually one of the playground staff came over and I showed her. She was more confused than anything, so we chucked in the garbage and I was sent to the principals office. Sat in there for 10 minutes then was sent to class when they got off the phone with my mom.

Not nearly so much nonsense took place in Middle School, at least on my end. Here on we had two regulatory systems called Make Your Day, and Steps that were somewhat determinate of one's punishments. Provided in the spoiler is an in depth explanation of these.


Make Your Day was a points system in which roughly 1 point equalled a minute out of your day, with 45 points to each class period. If you lost a certain number of points, you could receive detention or one of the steps, if what you did wasnt bad enough to be sent to the office. At the end of class the teacher would ask each student what they thought they earned. If your were perfect, you got 45. If you talked, didn't do your homework, or something other, you might take some points off of yourself. The teacher could object if you didn't go far enough in their opinion, and adjust your points accordingly. You could also object to another students score and the teacher would hear your reasoning and judge for themselves. This system was ripe for abuse, and often the person calling for point deduction would have vengeance sought upon them by the other or one of their friends. I'm only aware of and participated in one serious instance of this, however some teachers were harsher than others, notably fed up substitutes, and could/would abuse this system themselves. I recall this mostly being done over the time you were put on steps.

Now steps was the true punishment system, and it technically ranked up to 5. Steps 1-3 were just a timeout where you stood on the wall, but were hardly indistinguishable since you could theoretically be on step 1 for a minute or the whole period. Was entirely dependent on the teacher. Step 4 meant you went to the principles office for the rest of the day and there'd be a meeting with your parents about your behavior, with a very high outcome of suspension. Step 5 which didn't technically exist, would have been automatic suspension or expulsion.

Now if you hadn't made your day, then that meant you'd be given a carbon copy slip by your last period teacher, to hand to your first period teacher in order to serve out the sentence. Had no specific amount of time been written for a Steps punishment, you could expect 5 to 15 minutes facing a wall, if you turned in your slip and your last period teacher had actually bothered to deliver theirs as well. If you'd received detention then you'd turn the slip in to your 3rd or 4th period teacher I think for lunch time, in which you'd have to then bring that slip to the cafeteria and wipe tables down (which I often did voluntarily in exchange for a cookie) or spend it sitting in class after obtaining your food.

Kind of a funny thing was that I was a member of the Make Your Day Committee since I was entrusted by the school counselor to help give new middle of the year students tours despite not knowing where anyone else's classrooms were but my own, and was invited by the teacher who oversaw the meetings. We discussed areas we saw or thought there were problems, came up with ideas for improvement, which would all be written down and formatted into a letter for our Superintendent to completely ignore as far as I could tell. The general consensus was that we should dissolve the programs, which finally happened the year after my class left.

In the 6th grade I made it step 3, officially for interrupting the class when what really happened was I had accidently clipped the skin on my palm in my binder hard enough to nearly bleed, and that got a yelp out of me. I disputed it with the teacher immediately, apologizing even while showing the glaring evidence on my hand but all I received was a glare in return and was bumped up the Steps "ladder" till I shut my mouth.

Honestly one of the worst things about steps was if you genuinely didn't know the reason you were put on them and you wouldn't be allowed off until you said why when the teacher would come to ask :sealed:.

In 7th grade I was put on steps during an earthquake drill for talking inappropriately. What did I say that was so inappropriate? After coming out from under our desks, we were marched out onto the field and a role call was done. During this I commented that if there were any strong aftershocks had this been a real earthquake, we'd be at risk of dying from electrocution given our proximity to some powerlines that could easily hit us if they fell! 

In 8th grade I spoke out against a substitute teacher who was being extremely abusive with the steps system, and it resulted in at least a third of the class lining up on the walls. The next day we were forgiven by our regular teacher over the ridiculousness of it all, but that was the only other time I made it to step 3.

Not quite done yet but I'll be back.

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I used to get into screaming matches with teachers all the time. It was such a predictable cycle, I would do something slightly insubordinate, they would yell at me, I'd yell back, they'd tell me to get out and then I would insult them on why way out the door. This would happen ALL THE TIME back in the day and, looking back on it, I find the whole thing to be pretty funny.

Pointless, but funny.

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