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What is Your Favorite TV Show Right Now?


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Title Says it all. For me, I'm kinda between shows right now

Most invested in The Owl House I think


But I've also been binging Ben 10 Alien Force. Childhood classic, get that Nostalgia juice and all.


And supposedly there's going to be a new Monster High series starting by the end of the month
The first ever live action Monster High movie is literally tomorrow on Nick and Paramount+, and the hype is real. I loved Monster High growing up. Maybe it'll be a shit movie, but shoot, I can't help but be a little excited. This was announced over a year ago, I've been waiting for this moment. Originally the series was supposed to premiere with the movie, but I guess there were scheduling issues and that promise couldn't be kept. Which is fine, it's just that I only today found out it wouldn't be the case anymore, and thats not me for not keeping up with the news on this for a while.


But what about you? What are some shows you're obsessing over at the moment?

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“Wednesday”, “Helluva Boss”, and “Hazbin Hotel”. For Hazbin, it may be too soon to say how well it will go compared how successful Helluva Boss is, but as in right now still a fan.

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