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What did you do last night?


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I was sleeping at first. And I had a dream where I saw a man with golden eyes sitting on this throne. And there was a woman at his feet. And she cried, and cried. But all he did was stare at me and smile with this perverse look in his eyes. It was sinister.

Like he knew me too well. The things I hide from myself. The inherent violence of human nature. The crude face of our reality.

He looked like a more complete version of me, but not quite. And those eyes. There was no innocence whatsoever in those heartless eyes. It was raw power. Violence devoid of any empathy. No human emotion.

Then, the original wound started to hurt inside of me. I realized I was a fragmented aspect of that man on the throne. And that somehow that powerful figure had lost its heart, which was now within me. Meanwhile, I had lost all my power, which was now within him. Hence, the paralized state I am in now.

It is not a paralysis of the body, but one of the soul. I believe we were originally one being, he and I. Which may explain the massive violent outbursts I experience from time to time.

I woke up and could not sleep after that. It was still dark. So, I stayed awake, and visited the forums. Talked to someone. And that was that. Sometimes I get so scared of myself.

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I ended up saying goodbye to one of my closest friends that I ended up making here. We met in person and went to a concert together. Between the card games and the fun stuff it was one of the best weekends I've had in a while. It revitalized me, and kinda made me come back to see what was happening on the site. So now I'm here c:

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