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Online Advertising and You  

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  1. 1. Do you use an ad blocker extension for your browser?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Which of these statements most closely fits your opinion of online advertising?

    • Site ads are an annoyance the world does not need. No Internet user should ever have to see them.
    • Ads create a symbiotic relationship between site owners, advertisers, and Internet users.
    • Online advertising can be done "right"; but more often than not, it isn't.
    • I don't mind their existence, but I don't really care for them.
  3. 3. Have you ever considered the site owner's end of the story when you cut off part of their revenue stream using an ad blocker (regardless of whether you actually use one or not)?

    • No. I would block ads only to "clean up" a site and improve the experience of browsing it for myself.
    • No. It costs a site owner as much to maintain a site as it costs me to visit it. I pay out of my pocket for my Internet bill, they pay out of theirs for their server bill.
    • Yes. I'm aware that I "freeload" by blocking ads, but I'm just one visitor of thousands - the difference I'd make to their revenue by blocking ads is negligible. They'll get by with a dollar or two less.
    • Yes. I acknowledge that ads are a crucial source of funding for many site owners, but I'd rather keep my web experience "clean" of ads.
    • Yes. I know that ads are important for many site owners, and that's why I don't/would not block them.
    • Other (please explain in a reply)
  4. 4. Which of these statements most closely reflects your opinion of ad blockers with regards to the Internet as a whole?

    • Ad blockers are a valuable service to the Internet. Everyone should use one.
    • The hype over ad blockers is overblown. Their effect on the Internet's health is negligible, really.
    • An ad blocker is a great way for users to gain more freedom and choice over the content they consume online. The choice of using one should be left to the user.
    • Private property should be respected for what it is; the websites you visit don't belong to you, after all. The only control you should have over their appearance is the control that site owners give you.
    • Ad blockers are destroying the Internet. No one should use them.
  5. 5. You come across a horrifically intrusive ad that has a special place in hell waiting for it. How do you react?

    • Ignore and tolerate it. Such inconveniences are just a regular part of Internet life.
    • Install an ad blocker and use it only for this site, which dared to commit this crime of user experience.
    • Install an ad blocker and use it for every ad, on every site. This isn't the first time an ad has made you want to shred your computer and burn the remains with kerosene, and you're sick and tired of this crap.
    • Install an ad blocker... but what's this? It doesn't block the ad? Proceed to get in touch with the ad blocker's developer and ask them to fix their software.
    • Get in touch with the site's owner and tell them the ad is ruining your experience as a user. Every site owner wants their users to be happy, and you'd like to tell them that they can make you happy by fixing their ads.
    • Risk-free poker with millions waiting for you? The best Viagra deal in the galaxy? Unlimited access to uncensored, unclothed chicks? You don't care how bad the ad was - it's pitching some damn good wares, and you're getting your hands on some.

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"I don't use ad blockers, they cost a lot." - me, 2020

Almost two years from then, I use an ad blocker every day. Started using one quite awhile ago actually, it's effective and doesn't cost much. I love ad blockers, they improve life on the internet.

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