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Fluttershy VS Rainbow Dash...WHO WINS?



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  1. 1. Winner?

    • Rainbow Dash! Voted for her in 10 seconds flat!
    • Fluttershy...Yay.

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Muahahahaha! One more for Rainbow Dash! :ph34r: You have to admit though, Fluttershy does have Rainbow Dash beat on the cuteness scale... But Rainbow Dash is cute at times, so that makes up for it! (Right?) They both have their flaws though... Rainbow Dash is cocky most of the time, Fluttershy is a big pushover... But alinol (Cars 2 reference) they are both awesome and adorable characters! :wub::blush:

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yay MORTAL KOMBAT que music


well it depends rely if it was a race rainbowdash would win hands down but if it was a fight i think Fluttershy has this hidden fury so im going fluttershy yay

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Wins at what?

  • A flying race? Rainbow Dash.
  • A running race? Probably still Rainbow Dash.
  • A hoof fight? Still Rainbow Dash.
  • Scrabble? Fluttershy.
  • A beauty contest? Rainbow Dash again.
  • A bake off? Maybe Fluttershy.
  • A goof off? Back to Rainbow Dash.
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Its was a hard choice. Rainbow Dash would win if Fluttershy stays scared. BUT... When Fluttershy is mad, then she is actually physically stronger and faster then Rainbow Dash. After one hit, Fluttershy will start to get mad, and tell her to stop. If Rainbow Dash does not stop, then she will get rekt.  :derp:  :derp:  :derp:  :comeatus:

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I'd say Rainbow Dash, since even when Fluttershy was pissed off in Hurricane Fluttershy her wing power was far less than Rainbow's. Apart from their wings I still think Rainbow Dash is stronger since she was able to go head to head with AJ for a good while in their competition before cheating.


...also Rainbow is one of my three favorite ponies and Fluttershy one of my least favorite...

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Both FlutterShy and RainbowDash are by far my least favorite characters in the series.

I dislike them for different reasons.


However, I would say that FlutterShy "wins" only because I can relate to her on more levels than I can with RainbowDash.

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In terms of a fight, Flutters would whoop Rainbows ass. Just saying.  :squee:

The first pic, she just caught Rainbow off guard, the second pic she wasn't even really attacking the bear, the third pic I don't find her intimidating in the slightest.


One sonic rainboom and Fluttershy's just a yellow smear on the ground.

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On 2012-07-27 at 1:26 PM, Cocodrillo said:

Oh, come on, guys! Rainbow Dash is suited for the win.

And also has far more powerful stare than Fluttershy:


Posted Image


You can´t say "no" to this.

no. those aren't even her eyes those are Rarity's

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i don't have a reason idk
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Excuse me, you didn't tell all. Sorry I sound weird. but if it's a flying battle Rainbow would win, If Fluttershy calls her animal friends (she could control like these moon bear things and get them to attack rainbow dash, but rainbow dash could just be mean and flutter shy would break down. Im going for if they were enemies.

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