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MLP Brilliance in character design

Mane Six character

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#21 Anadu Kune

Anadu Kune


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Posted 29 December 2012 - 09:53 PM

After nine years in development, hopefully the world's most straightforward and triumphant example was worth the weight.



Art development is incredibly difficult, but if someone is a visionary and has a great look that can work from the word "Go" (like Faust did) then the show can drive itself visually. The rest of the work falls on the design and writing, and so far that's been pretty orsome.

A most excellent example of the point I was trying to make. I should have thought to include it. I need to make some time to play that game again.

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#22 Aerial~Shot


    The type of pony everypony should know ;)

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 01:10 PM

I always found it amazing how even their eyes define them, if even just a little. Now that's effort.


I mean, Rainbow, being the biggest tomboy of the group, is the only one with straight lashes, no curling for her. And she and Applejack, the second biggest tomboy (Is she? Well, close enough) are the only ones with just the one set of lashes. AJ's lashes are curled a little, but apart from that, she needs no further effort put into her appearance, fitting of her role. Pinkie's got two sets, both curled, with oval eyes; bright and happy, ready to party. Fluttershy's eye shape make her look cute and shy and, again, she has curled lashes to give a girly look. Twilight's eyes are pointed at the bottom, with curled lashes; a good student who wants to look her best but doesn't waste too much time on her appearance. And, of course, Rarity. Pointed eyes, light blue eye shadow and those false eyelashes, she certainly takes her time in the morning.

#23 Scootabloom


    Child of the Full Moon

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 01:20 AM

They definitely are really different. On top of the fact that they also made all those BG ponies using mostly different designs, it just makes the show that much more epic.

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