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No ponies are attractive, if that's what you mean.


I beg to differ. Dash, Rarity, Cadance, and Spitfire are all quite attractive. And that's just to name a few.


uh ponies aren't hot, they are cute, funny, and positive. ponies aren't porn stars!


lol noob

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I know this thread is silly and not taken seriously because of the procedence forum and because it did came from you, but I do think she's hot.


Her mane and tail are so silky soft and smooth :3


ha, only noobs would stoop to this method to state there sexual attractions to fictional characters


RainbowDash92, you such a noob


lol look at draco malfoy trying to act tough

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I'm not a cl0pper, but I will admit, she's pretty hot.


Pinkie's adorable, but not hot. ;)


ive gotten over the malfoy thing, so you can try your best to urk me, mudblood

Hehe, urk Edited by Betez
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except Spitfire sounds like a man now :/


but she used to be super hot though


have you heard her swedish voice? :3

I have :). And her voice will be back to normal when she isn't all drill sergeanty. And until then she'll still look like this ;)









Since this is a thread about Rarity I guess I should share a picture of her too.






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