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I believe I made a promise, when I first joined this site, only hours ago: I promised I would contribute. Now look at me, only hours later, being all contribute-y, yet self-centered, because the only digital Pony-art I had around was this pony-me. Oh, well. :blush:




But here it is. Kinda huge, very humble. Sketch and inking done traditionally, colored in GIMP. I originally threw this together really fast, so I could send it off to the animator who was collecting OC-ponies for a project of some sort. However, even the fact that it's terribly rushed doesn't hide the fact that I've still got a lot to learn, before I can draw proper FiM-ponies. My usual style has a lot of rough edges and angular shapes, so I'm very much out of practice with rounded lines, as the show mostly consists of.


I tried to add my own touch to the style, with the body-style tweaked a little (pudgier and bulkier, with a longer head, to match my own body type). Didn't work as well as I would've liked, but it's better than my average work, when it comes to ponies. And the mane looks very much like my own hair, being huge, curly, colorful and completely unkempt.


I'm completely open for constructive critic, opinions and the like, and it is much appreciated! :D

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Wow, she looks great! I love her original design, as well as your pony style!


Thank you! I still don't really like my pony style, but I'm very glad you do. And calling her design original is probably the nicest thing anyone could say to me - that's what I strive for, originality in every character I create, for a pre-existing series, or my own. :lol:


I love her hair :D


Thanks! I was a bit insecure about making the lines brighter than the actual color, opposite the actual show, but I decided 'What the hay, I like it'. Glad it payed off. :D

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Yess the mane is definitely the best part!

I love the tweaked style. Wish I could do digital art :(


Believe me, I've been there. I actually got a tablet one time, but then I realized how much more fun traditional art is. Now I hardly ever use it - even this piece is colored by mouse. ;)


Thanks for the compliments! :D


That's awesome :P

Very nice mane!


Thank you! I'm so happy everyone like the mane. ^_^

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I love it, bro. If you start taking requests, that would be awesome. Although your style doesn't match FIM perfectly, I like your personal touch.


Oh, and welcome to the forums.

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woow nice, verry nice i love your art style it looks really good i like her originalness...wait thats not even a words :L

anyways really nice the eyes are awesome ;)

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