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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. I could see that, I do feel like there could more content in other genres the problem is it muck harder for amateurs or beginners to learn how to make those other genres vs EDM and its hard to form a rock/metal bands, jazz, or other group genres as you'd have to find bronies that are also skilled at want you want in your genre. EDM is also easier to write the other genres as well. I would love to see more diversity in music i don´t really see it happening.
  5. Yes, I mean just look at my username. I would never go as far as to ruin someones life though.
  6. I only speak English now but I plan to take Spanish next semester so I can watch More soccer and play my friends league witch is spanish only.
  7. I was playing fifa 17 and schooling people in the best way possible with mls teams because it's fun to best people with "Lesser American clubs."
  8. INTP-T cool I guess I never really thought myself that way but I'll have to take it again to see if the results match up the same.
  9. Most of the details are in the video but basically we need help getting back on our feet after a lose a bit of my cast. So if anyone can help that would be great
  10. Basketball, I actually came pretty close, I had the talent, but then the injury big hit me hard my last year of high school. I'm still kinda depressed over it.
  11. BEEN TO: LA Coliseum (Rams season ticketholder!) Dodger Stadium Staples Center Honda Center Qualcom Stadium Angel Stadium Rose Bowl Pet Co Park WANT TO VISIT: AT&T Park Fenway Park Wrigley Field Yankee Stadium Levis Stadium Madison Square Garden
  12. Hey guys I'm having trouble with an ongoing series of that is currently on hiatus. We have problems with finding an Editor. I would prefer to have someone with some experience but if you have a hard work ethic but new to it ill consider you. Send an email to me at also here is a link to the channel
  13. I don't think that would translate well in the states, yes I know anime is popular here but western animation is still king and from a financial sense Hasbro would probably see the difference, if positive or negative, negligible change Now if you're talking a change in genre from isolated slice of life to a more stroy/action oriented then maybe you could see a more drastic change positively but its also more a risk. Hasbro has absolutely no reason to take mlp to a more anime style.
  14. Oh for me I would love to see princess Cadance and how devastating the power of love could be when used for evil, I would love to see what the show would with it.