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  1. This year's lineup: Jack Skellington and a plain ghost: A Daring Do one I tried to make last night - not sure whether I'll put it outside:
  2. They could just be "land rich". The Apple family has both the ability and means to provide for themselves, but it may bot translate into a substantial amount of money - plenty to cover their needs and a little more, but not enough to do Scrooge McDuck backflips into.
  3. I have some Inov-8 Roclite 295s for trail running/lightweight hiking, and they are great. They also offer a variety of shoes made for other surfaces. Second having someone at a good running store help fit shoes, though. Not every brand works for or fits everyone.
  4. I am employed as a materials engineer in the aerospace industry. Originally went into school to do electrical engineering - switched to materials science and have enjoyed it since.
  5. I'm not an enthusiast, but I do a bit of work on my own car (BMW 540i6). Someday I hope to restore an old BMW 2002. Mostly learned out of necessity over the years. It certainly is cheaper to do it yourself whenever possible.
  6. ^ Pretty much this, although smoke is not a phase like steam. It will be cooler than the fire, but the actual temperature will be that of the air which contains it.
  7. I played cornet (like a trumpet) through middle and high school - marching, symphonic band, etc. Once in a while I'll pull it out and play for a couple minutes, but I'm not as good as I used to be.
  8. I agree with the assumption that the five small stars are about friendship/elements of harmony - seems pretty straightforward. The base part of the cutie mark, the six-pointed star, could be some family representation of magic. Shining Armor's mark has the same star. The insignia he wore in A Canterlot Wedding also bears the same symbol, and it belonged to his "favorite uncle". Parents don't seem to have it, though.
  9. Couple of good ones from Ponyville Confidential: The same cake design appears at the competition near Celestia in MMMystery on the Friendship Express. Time-traveling photographer? ..and a nice faceplant into Twilight's force field.
  10. Oh lawd I'm Apple Bloom - what were the odds. At least my sister would be best pony Galloping Pie would be a funny one. Apples apples apples.
  11. Pretty much this. I'm uneasy about how they made the change, but I'll reserve judgement for Season 4 once they have a chance to work with it.
  12. My favorites, in no particular order: 1) Live and Let Die 2) Diamonds are Forever 3) From Russia with Love The movies with Dalton as Bond were among my least favorite - not because of the actor, but the quality just seemed to dip around that time for some reason.
  13. Traits associated with the Autism spectrum that go along with those I mentioned include things such as difficulty with social expectations, picking up on expressions / being expressive, etc. I have no observed Twilight having consistent difficulty with any of those. As a filly (during the entrance exam, for example), Twilight's expressiveness, eye contact, interaction, communication, etc. was certainly neurotypical and does not appear to be consistent with AS; at least, nothing jumps out. I briefly mentioned these traits before, but my apologies if I was not clear why I mentioned these aspects
  14. I disagree with the idea that Twilight may have Asperger's. Her personality is very typical of a scholarly introvert, and is very close to that of a stereotypical INT_ personality. These personality types do have a number of traits that overlap with Asperger's, but there are key differences, particularly with respect to social cues, protocol, and expression. Here's my take on some of the behaviors brought up thus far: List Making Lists serve simply as a reminder to ensure everything is complete. It isn't to help ease the stress of managing things, compulsion to follow a ritual, etc. F
  15. Ah, pony genealogy. There was a program out there at one point called Family Tree Maker - it has been around many years, and you may be able to find one of the older versions available for free.
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