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  1. I don't think at this point after 8 seasons all the other stuff anyone can really doubt these two Applejack-Rarity Fluttershy-Rainbow Dash Twilight and Pinkie seem to just see all the rest as their best friends equally, though certain characters tolerance for Pinkie's pinkieness varies. They all have a ton of request for Twilight obviously.
  2. Is somehow even gayer for Applejack than her pony counterpart.
  3. ROLLERCOASTER OF SHIPPING. hahahahahaha I Am so freaking elatated Iv shipped Rarijack for years and now we are NEAR THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, seriously it's incredibly obvious the crew just wants to go all out with it at this point, it's like Lyra/Bon Bon levels of obvious. Otherwise while the villain kinda sucked the comedy was on point the character interaction was great and the reveal of "THEY WERE JUST IN A ROOM" was hilarious.
  4. Yeah this is I think now probably the episode I think people are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too harsh on, it's just Flutters Party of One or Lesson Zero or whatever. the one where she goes nuts. Is it a bit late into the series for that sure, but in terms of humor... this was honestly one of the funniest for a long while. almost all the Alt Personality Flutters were fun and the gag with Rarity having to fire them all individually and THEN having each of them complain about each was great, my only real issue is how rushed the ending was, where Flutters just goes "yeah I was just pretending" and everyone is "okay" but that's whatever, otherwise this was in terms of pure entertainment one of the most fun episodes in a while. Also because somehow almost no one notices this anywhere iv been the male goth pony was an Edward Sissorhands Pony.
  5. The email that said 13 and the emails and presentations that refer to 26 are some months apart, I think Hasbro just ordered the season in two halves which isn't at all unprecidented when it comes to renewals.
  6. Twilight until S7 after getting wings was boring like 80% of the time to me so it kinda defaults to her now, if you asked me two seasons ago id of said Fluttershy but they finally figured out what the hell to do with her in S6 and kept on doing it in S7.
  7. o S9 probably is the last unless production of G5 takes longer than they want and they need a stop gap, but things about G5? absolutely NOTHING there is settled, they don't even have a show bible yet. The only thing that seems set in stone there is "we want to keep the Mane 6". Design, story, locale ideas and such though? all of that is subject to massive change at this stage in the game. a large part of all those emails are them basically throwing around and debating ideas and concepts, that is the stage where they are now and so pretty much nothing can really be taken as set in stone G5 could turn out similar to the bits we've seen we've seen or it could turn out to be COMPLETELY different.
  8. for Rarity her worst kinda season 3 by default by virtue of doing almost nothing, those were dark times to be a Rarity fan.
  9. To note, no one should remotely be taking ANYTHING in those emails regarding G5, or hell even G4 as final, hell S9 apparently was 13 episodes one month but then they ordered 13 more so now it's 26. The G5 stuff is SUPER EARLY pitch ideas and art, pre show bible stuff. It's quite likely a ton of things will radically change especially when dealing with stuff years off. Basically the email that said 13 episodes was sent like a month and a half before this stuff and later emails and business presentation thingy, essentially what happened is Hasbro ordered Season 9 in two 13 episode chunks, they just hadn't ordered the second half yet at the time the earlier email was written.
  10. Apparently full unpolished episodes are leaking now, someone has broken completely into DHX's servers.