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  1. Gone Home (Journey's End) Gets me every time.
  2. 1. Night Silent 2.likes: shade, cake, and the night sky. Dislikes: the sun, loud noises, and dogs. 3. I suppose you could have your oc take away things that provide shade, and have a bunch of symbols crashing together, and maybe do something with dogs, I don't know.
  3. I have not heard the name Codename: Kids Next Door in years. Kinda surprised to hear that they are rebooting it.
  4. I would choose Princess Luna to go with me on a trip. She would make rides at night so peaceful.
  5. Okay, I see that I need to improve. But, it would kinda be hard to do now since he is already made and everything. (I really didn't think that his power was godmodding, I actually wanted to avoid that. Way to go, me)
  6. Easy solution for the Heavy, and Pyro: Stand near the dispenser. If I were to choose, I would have Heavy, Demoman, Engineer, and Soldier if he were to stand on a rooftop, and fire rockets from there. When he runs out, he just goes to the Dispenser, reloads, and rocket jumps back on to the roof.
  7. Awesome banner! =D

  8. Here's mine. Do what you will. =)
  9. Halcyon by Au5 and Fractal Falana by Hyperduck soundworks Gone Home (Journey's End) by Hyperduck soundworks. Listen to Alex Brandon - Dust- An Elysian Tail - Original Soundtrack - 01 Falana by OverClocked Records #np on #SoundCloud Listen to HyperDuck SoundWorks - Dust- An Elysian Tail - Original Soundtrack - 23 Gone Home (Journey's End) by OverClocked Records #np on #SoundCloud Listen to Au5 & Fractal - Halcyon by Monstercat #np on #SoundCloud
  10. She does look an awful lot like Pinkie. I know nothing about her, but she is very cute, so that's something, I guess.
  11. I think I just died. I am typing this as a ghost. That is so amazingly cute! =D
  12. Seriously, Marvel? I liked you all this time. Most of my life, and you do this?! I am disappointed.