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  1. attractiveness: 4 (maybe? I would grade lower because of this lupus rash on my face, but people on tumblr seem to enjoy my mun-day selfies) intelligence: 8-10 (depending if it is emotionally or knowledge based) kindness: 8 (I am kind most of the time but sometimes I passive-aggressively ignore people :/ ) That puts me in the nerd/ugly category, I guess? But I don't know... I'm pretttty gay, I ought to have at least one foot in that category XD
  2. All of the time. Getting through it, though, is good for independence and emotional strength I suppose.
  3. People The dark... especially That one shady clearing in the woods outside my house Being alone in large, open spaces; Being alone in general, really Donald Trump Being President Emotional Numbness Dramatic scenes in books or movies where my favourite characters die... I can never listen to the gunshot from the musical Hamilton, or read the number 23 in reference to Sydney Carton in the Tale of Two Cities. I genuinely panic and close the tab/book before those parts happen
  4. It's been a process of discovery and re-discovery, but the cutie mark I came up with when I was 13 or so (4 years ago) has actually served me pretty well until now. Scratch that, eerily well. I'm not sure what to say to hypothetical "blank flanks", but for those that are unsure if the one they have picked still applies to them or is the right one, I think it all depends on how you interpret it.
  5. Dark, dark roast either mixed with 1/4 hot coca or a shot of caramel *sighs in bliss* Holiday is a gas station exclusive to Minnesota that has REALLY good hot cocoa and dark roast for this.
  6. Fluttershy's size in the Cutie Mark Chronicles is probably a good teen/preteen age other than a filly or full adult; however, I'm not sure if this is the regular size for that age or if it's strictly something with Fluttershy, since she has been the only character thus far to have this design
  7. Ughhh I know I'm going off on a Tale of Two Cities posting rage here but SYDNEY CARTON GUYS. ...my heart hurts

  8. Ahhh that is a cool OC. I love that name, Somber Solace... though, as most pony names have to do with their cutie mark, maybe include something about coffee? As for the backstory; if this is a ponysona, perhaps base it on your life a little. For example, if you ever moved towns/states, maybe your character could have, as well. Got a beloved pet? A favorite color? A coffeshop AU you could base some things off of? That weird aunt that only comes every two years? Throw it all in. *shruggg* but idk, man, what you have right there is perfectly fine, as I see it. Unless you're going to be RPing with this character a whole lot, you don't need too much more detail.
  9. Hammy21

    my OC

    She's awesome! I see her cutie mark is a stage... what kinda shows does she preform in? Musicals? Operas? Mopras?
  10. I haven't been keeping up with the show all that much, but today, I just watched 'Slice of Life'. :'O It was beautiful, seeing all those headcannons come to life in the show

    1. SugarfootWillie


      Lol did the same thing. Started balling when Bon Bon revealed her secret life.

  11. Lucid Dreams are pretty fun, but I stopped trying to have them when they started to turn into nightmares for me more often than not (I'd get worried in the dream, and voila, nightmares would arrive!). But for people that don't have that problem they can be pretty fun You can even achieve 'hypersensitivity', where you see, feel, and basically experience even more than you do in waking life. It's a pretty neat experience. Never gone to ponyville before, however, though I'm glad so many have been able to!
  12. Sure! But you're going to have to let me know, what kind of castle are you looking for/who lives in it? Will it be a villian or an ally that lives there, and is it in the countryside, forest, city, ect? Thanks! Once I know that stuff I can take it from there and send some ideas your way.
  13. In Minnesota, USA, though I'm practically Canadian with how close to the boarder I live, haha.
  14. I'd buy photoshop, and maybe a bunch of books or something, but other than that I'd donate a bunch to charity and invest some for the future (student loans and house costs, man). I also wouldn't let anyone know how much money I had, because do you know what people would do to get that much cash? ...you know, putting in some money for body guards wouldn't be a bad plan, haha
  15. Do you still need people to animate? Because I'm willing to create some animatics for a show or two
  16. Hmm, I know she looks like a gardener pony, but if you're looking for suggestions other than that, perhaps a talent involving a type of natural music? Like singing bowls, or wind chimes! By the way, I'm in love with the design you chose for your character
  17. Uhm, I know a little Deutsche (German) due to doing a little independent studying one summer because it's a cool language. And I have nearly 2 years of ASL (American Sign Language) experience under my belt, because of a language course in my school! ...also, does knowing some latin words via the harry potter books count?
  18. Awesome! So do I have to wait for some of the writers to write up some scenes to storyboard, or did you have anything particular that you'd want done now?
  19. I don't have any experience with fluid animation, but I could definitely help lay the groundwork for it with storyboards or even some animatic work. What's your expected production time (factoring in that you get plenty of help from this thread)?
  20. Here's some; they're quick and uncolored, as I would be doing in storyboards. Let me know if you need any more finished pieces!
  21. I've drawn for about as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories of drawing apart from coloring books is my dad trying to teach me how to draw a fish, when I was five or so. After that, it just kind of caught on; I'd attempt to draw the posters on the walls, my cats, and (since I was obsessed with pokemon at the time) invent new pokemon. I stopped drawing for a while in elementary, at least on a regular basis, but I started again about 5 years ago, when I was between 6th and 7th grade. And I restarted with a (very unhealthy) passion. I had a super artistic friend who could draw cartoons and ponies and just about anything, and me being super competitive, tried anything to get as good as her. I practiced day and night for a couple months, and stressed out whenever a drawing wasn't improved significantly from the last. Eventually, I realized how stupid that was, and slowed down to a 'normal' pace. And here I am now!
  22. If you need any help with the art I'd be more than willing to help I could do some scene or character concept sketches, or even storyboard design. And I've never voice acted before, but if you need it I'm willing to be an extra.
  23. Any chance I could join as a non-element character? Also, this is in the human world, correct? my OC (humanized):
  24. Hm... I think Luna would be the best fit for a solo ruler. Don't get me wrong; Celestia has tons of ruling experience, and Cadence and Twilight are good at protecting Equestria. However, only Luna seems to have a good mixture of those two traits. She may not be as experienced as Celestia, but she really cares for the citizens of Equestria, and has a desire to be a good leader; she'd adapt to a solo position if she needed to, I think. She's not quite as battle-ready as Cadence and Twilight, but she's more willing to take action than Celestia to defend herself or the kingdom, as I see it.