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  1. Already from the bat this looks way better than FG in several ways the mane 6 don't look like they'll be background characters, the background round characters look like they'll have more important roles to play and speak, etc. I'm already too excited for this I'm abouta go hardcore this whole week in Football practice! But I think we can all agree on what really matters... MORE SUNSET SHIMMER!!!!! I'll have to see the trailer a couple more times to get my final thoughts and feelings but as of now... The Hype Train is real!!!!!
  2. I think this pretty much confirms it's Twilight.
  3. It's actually not Sunset he's into its Sci Twi
  4. This is the worst teaser ever, all I could gather from it was playsets Hasbro might make in the future with the dolls and that last shot of the foggy/misty forest got me fucked up, now I think Jason is gonna come and go all Friday the 13th on the mane 7. FML Anyways... I think this could go both ways this could probably be really good like RR or it could a piece of shit like FG BUT! I'm not going to say anything until the trailer comes out but that Gloriosa chick looks weird to me probably cause she looks different from the other Equestria girl models and that Timber Spruce guy aka Flash S
  5. I honestly don't think we'll ever see her since they never mention the possibility of her existing and I don't think Hasbro is going with that direction but more with Sunset wanting to return to Equestria from what you can see from the deleted scenes of FG.
  6. Tbh I'm still looking forward to the movie but I think I won't get my final thought on it till the trailer comes out which hopefully comes out by next week!
  7. I guess Hasbro updated their Equestria Girls page with some JUICE NEWS!!! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/07/more-equestria-girls-legend-of-everfree.html?m=1 Two things that stand out to me is that new guy has "eyes on a particular Equestria Girl" (Not Sunset waifu!!!) Also they say Twilight Sparkle in the description so idk if they mean Pony Twi or Sci Twi What do you guys think? discuss below.
  8. I don't think so. Last I saw the equestria girls line of toys only decreased by 17% in the 4th quarter of 2015 and that's not really gonna change anything. Hasbro also haven't announced if it would be the last. plus there making lots of money from the minis, but if LOE is the last I hope Sunset returns to Equestria at the end.
  9. Was scrolling threw Equestria Daily when I saw this http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/06/screen-shot-and-some-info-for-equestria.html I only have two words... Sunsets Hips. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Your guys thoughts?
  10. That part with Lemon Zest and DJ Pone-3 switching headphones and listening to each others music was amazing
  11. Mines the same as yours. 1.RR 2.FG 3.EQG Only two words decribe why RR was so good...The Dazzlings! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. With That style? No...just no
  13. Interesting... if the tree of harmony is in the human world Everfree forest I can see a big problem happening there and they need its power to destroy whatever it is or maybe even another new totally evil villain like the dazzlings. #Bringbackthedazzlings
  14. Hmmm...I say screw it and go with pony twilight. I mean there would really be no point hooking up with Sci-Twi since first when they met Flash put on Sci-Twi's glasses she looked at him with shocked/blushed face and after that nothing but with pony Twi they've at least liked each other and know they like each other. Also if Pony Twi comes out in Legends of Everfree (Please happen) Flash would obviously choose her since she's the one Flash has been crushing on since day 1
  15. Obviously Sunset Shimmer she's the cutest and sexiest!
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