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  1. Hey friends!

    Havent been online in a while ive been super busy :derp:

    Comment or brohoof so i can see who is active <3!! :pinkie:

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    2. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      Hello hello! :) 

    3. Regal Shadow

      Regal Shadow

      Hey. :) How have you been? 

    4. Luna's Admirer

      Luna's Admirer


      Good to see you. How have you been?

  2. Hello every-pony! My name is Stella Star and I joined MLP forums in 2016 and thrived on these forums for a solid 1-2 months until I stopped and abandoned this website. I am now back and better than ever, however... Since my return i've noticed an update on the profile design and i'm struggling to remember basic navigation around the forums. So here is what I can't exactly wrap my head around: How does the Rank system work? I am currently sitting on the peewee rank of the Muffin and I want to know how I can advance further but I can't for the life of me figure out how to view my progress
  3. Hey every-pony! 

    Does anyone here like the anime Fullmetal Alchemist? I am obsessed and wondering if anyone else here on this platform loves it just as much as I do! :pinkie:

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    2. Stella Star

      Stella Star

      Oh thats really cool i've been meaning to read the manga!

    3. CheeryFox


      Huge fan of the Flame Alchemist right 'ere! 

    4. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      I watched the original series on Netflix. It took a while for me to get through it since it’s so long. But I liked it. Very depressing towards the end. I haven’t watched Brotherhood or any of the other shows yet.

  4. Anyone know exactly how i can make/find a good quality image or anything i can use as my cover photo? trying to improve my profile...

    1. Dalkrin-the-Wanderer


      Are you looking for a cleaner shot of Canterlot? If so just look for Hi Resolution images

    2. Stella Star

      Stella Star

      It's just hard to set a high quality image when theres a restriction to how many megabites the image can be (if that even makes any sense)... ill just keep trying!

  5. Stella Star

    Hey Everypony

    Thanks Longhaul for the warm welcome! ill be sure to give you a follow Thanks Divine! You're very kind... heres a follow! Wow thanks Rhythm, my OC is still under construction but im really pleased you like it! Im looking forward to designing other OCs in the future heres a follow!
  6. Stella Star

    Hey Everypony

    Thank you both so much for the warm welcome!! Will make sure to follow you both, looking forward to seeing both of your content!
  7. Stella Star

    Hey Everypony

    Im Pokemon obsessed too! In fact, Ninetales has always been of of my favourite Pokemon as it was the first Pokemon i was introduced to and is the reason im so hooked on the franchise itself! I just came back from a holiday in Japan too! Thanks so much for the kind words and warm welcome ill defiantly be following you! Cant wait to see more of your content Ninetales! Wow thank you so much! a vintage smiling cat meme is just what i needed to kick start my return- thank you for the kind words! Thanks a bunch Dalkrin! All these kind words and warm welcomes really mea
  8. Stella Star

    Hey Everypony

    Much appreciated Comrade! You've now put RA RA RASPUTIN RUSSIAS GREATEST LOVE MACHINE,,,, THERE WAS A CAT THAT REALLY WAS GOOOOOONE stuck in my head and for that you receive a big fat follow and a bro hoof !!!! Thank you for the kind words! Aw too kind Quicknick! Thanks so much ill be sure to follow you!!!
  9. I seriously haven't thought about/watched MLP:FIM since 2016... Such a long time i can hardly remember all the details so im rewatching it from season 2!!

    I am currently up to Season 2: Episode 26 "A Canterlot Wedding: Part 2" and I just got serious goosebumps when Shining Armour and Princess Cadence touch horns and they float up in a magical swirl of the power of LOVE and theres SPARKLES AND RAINBOWS AND MAGIC EVERYWHERE ITS JUST SO GOOD AND IM SO EXCITED TO EXPERIENCE THIS SHOW ALL OVER AGAIN !!!!! :pinkie:

    1. King of Canterlot

      King of Canterlot

      That's the power of ponies :orly:

    2. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Hopefully you have a good time~! :squee:

      I'll still be catching up in the meantime, though... :please:

    3. GrimGrimoire


      These episodes were on earlier today and I watched them. So good.

  10. Stella Star

    Hey Everypony

    Yep thats me!! Thanks for the follow and the warm welcome Thank you!! A much needed brohoof indeed~ Wow thank you thank you thank you for such a warm welcome!! ill be sure to follow you
  11. Hey Ladygabes welcome to the forum! Im sorta new/ sorta not to this forum too!! Also such a good vine perfect way to introduce yourself onto the welcoming plaza you defiantly caught my attention! I just followed you and I also love your art! Would love to work on some OC development with you in the near future ~
  12. Stella Star

    Hey Everypony

    Hey there guys!! My name is Stella Star! Im an Alicorn known for my skills in magic, witchcraft, spells, potions, healing, astrology, and many more! My hobbies include: anime, video games, binging netflix/TV, food, tarot reading, astrology/zodiac readings and many more! Read my "About Me" page for more info on myself... And my OC and profile is still under construction. Im just looking for some new friends so follow me (and ill follow you back), message me, comment on this thread or even Brohoof me to please show me some much needed support! I'd really appr
  13. -------------------------------------------------------

    Hey guys i haven't been on MLP forums for 2 whole years. 

    It was my last year of high school and i had a really hard time... i lost so many friends and my mental health was rapidly declining. I was bullied and was made to feel that i had to move schools, which i did and it didnt get any better. 

    But now im starting to try and build myself back up from that and it thought maybe this place would help ...

    I am going to re design my OC and start fresh and i hope you guys will like it and will be there for me :))

    If you see this could you please comment so i know that my page isnt completely dead ahaha

    Will post updates soon...


  14. Stella Star

    Hello Every Pony

    Welcome DiscordS9! I think it's great that you and your daughter can share something as wonderful as the world of My Little Pony, i hope you enjoy your time here on MLP forums and make lots and lots of friends! I would love to hear more about you and your daughter, super cute!
  15. Topic deleted... i apologise for any inconvenience
  16. Yes DM stands for Direct Message Im so glad to hear you are interested! If you could DM/PM me the info in the topic description it would really help me get a team together! Thank you so much for providing me with such a detailed description on your OC, if it isnt too much of a hassle... i might ask if you could direct message me the info in the topic description? It would just be alot easier for me to gather a team together
  17. Hello everyone Stella Star here and i've decided to partake in and host my very first MLP forum RP! ☆Looking for a group of 3-6 members (I may or may not raise the max number) ☆To keep the story interesting atleast 1 villan is required otherwise the story could die down quite quickly... ☆All the characters must be either a Pony or some sort of creature found in the MLP:FIM world ☆I will decide on the basic plot, rules and everything else once i have all the members ☆The story starts in Ponyville but it would be very interesting to take the story to other locations of Equestria. ☆It
  18. Hey all! I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good quality OC creator applications/games online I could use? I really want to make more images/artworks of my OC but i suck at drawing... Preferably something with HEX codes so i can make the colours of my OC accurate without having to change it on photoshop, also something that has decent photo quality and isn't all pixelated if i saved it. I would love some sort of pony GIF creator too! Either insert a link or comment what the name of the site is down bellow! Thanks everyone!
  19. Finally started at my new school... the bullying has at last come to an end

    1. TheRockARooster


      Awesome, I'm happy for you.


    2. Stella Star

      Stella Star

      @TheRockARabbitoh thank you very much :') *hugs*


    3. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      That's great o hear. I hope you'll enjoy your new school. :)

  20. Stella Star

    Post your OC!

    Im really confused....I originally STARTED this topic poll and ever time i come back to it to check on it i come here? WTH is going on.... someone help!
  21. I can completely agree with the both of you! She has literally saved the lives of the Wonderbolts (several times i believe) AND is the only pony who can preform the Sonic Rainboom. She has the skill and everything required to be a Wonderbolt but i just feel that she dosnt have that sense of Team work that the other bolts have... she is always trying to be the best - I am not the only one with this opinion too. Again like i said, dash is one of my favourites so im defiantly not bagging her out for that
  22. Late 2015 i finished watching Death Note for the 2nd time. It was my very first Anime and the whole thing was online with quality English Dub so it was just really easy to access and watch which is what im looking for. Death note is also the only Anime i've watched but i really enjoyed it and i would love to get back into a really good quality english dub anime! I will pretty much refuse to watch anything that isnt dubbed and only has subs because idk i prefer being engaged in the show rather than read the script... If you know any good quality english dub Anime with every episode online tell
  23. Before i share my personal thoughts on the topic i just want to disclaim that Rainbow Dash is one of my favourite ponies and this is my opinion it is not a hate comment! I believe Rainbow Dash has the potential to claim her place on the Wonderbolts team for sure! She has the confidence, skill and agility required to be a member but....... I feel that Rainbow Dash is just far too caught up in how good she knows she really is to realise the Wonderbolts are all about teamwork - in a way she is sort of indulging in her own pride. I think until Rainbow Dash learns all about teamwork she wont be
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