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  1. Dreambiscuit

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Avatar (2009) I liked it and pretty much always have. I keep hearing about all the sequels that are supposedly finished or in production, but I'm not holding my breath forever on speculation and rumors.
  2. Dreambiscuit

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    I'm watching Upotte!! on VRV. I'm only three episodes into it so we'll see how it goes. Gotta give 'em points for originality.
  3. They always start out cheap, but for those of us who were blissfully unaware of them until last week, well...let's just say I appreciate your prayers for my smoldering wallet!
  4. Dreambiscuit

    events Star Wars Day Bingo!

    I came close and had it within one (a whole bunch of different ways) but no Bingo this time. I'll try not to turn to the dark side over this...but you never know! This is the best I can seem to do as far as posting my card. Nothing else is working. https://www.picpasteplus.com/v.php?i=a02b41829b
  5. @cuteycindyhoney I couldn't agree more! That's why Flutter Brutter is my all-time least favorite episode. It was a struggle just to sit through it the first time, but now that it's over I never have to again.
  6. I was never concerned about wearing my MLP shirts in public. When I wear something it's a point of pride. My first MLP shirt was custom made and I had it printed by Redbubble. It was back when Derpy was being censored off the show, so I had a picture of Derpy with 'DERPY LIVES" emblazoned across it. I also have another Derpy/Star Wars crossover shirt which has earned a lot of praise when worn in public. So I have no reason the hide what I love.
  7. These are so cute! I’d love to get one or two but from what I’m seeing here they sound a bit spendy. Bye-bye paycheck!
  8. I’d get around on land by rickshaw, preferably with some sort of canopy for those hot days. But seeing as I’m normally a Pegasus, I’d have to have some means of flying above it all, so maybe an ‘air rickshaw’ pulled by a Pegasus. Then again, being self-sufficient in one of these would be the best option of all. Looks very cool @HedonismBot!
  9. I’d give one to Derpy, SweetieBelle and Twist. There are other ponies that come to mind, but belly rubs don’t quite fit their personality. As an example I’d like to run a comb through Ever Essence’s mane, just for fun.
  10. She's a little snot...but she's an interesting little snot. So, while I can't exactly sympathize with her 100% I can see her as a character that matters in her own way and as such, care about her. So let's just say she's a flawed character with some learning and developing to do, and I'd be supportive of that.
  11. I don’t like Zephyr Breeze one bit. He’s annoying, a liability to everyone else and doesn’t even seem to care. Snips and Snails aren’t exactly favorites either. I know they’re only supposed to be small-time antagonists but they really don’t have enough personality to make them fun to watch. I prefer Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon over them. The Student 6. They never really went the distance and always felt like an uninspired batch of ‘types’ tossed in because the writers ran out of ideas for the Mane 6. Sugar Belle. Another plug-in character, and never had any real chemistry wit
  12. Dreambiscuit

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The Death Wish movies mark the first times my parents sent me packing from the room when I was little. I can see why; I don’t think I’m old enough to watch them even now! I like aspects of them, but Charles Bronson movies have a LOT of grittiness! As for me, Big Hero 6 was my most recent addition. Definitely more suited to my demographic.
  13. Youtube is BS from top to bottom. Even for those who want to post something legitimately by contacting copyright owners for permission, the big companies summarily ignore all correspondence by the ‘little people’ who aren’t prestigious enough to merit a moment of their time. But as soon as anyone posts something that isn’t even legally prohibited, the big companies swoop down with threats of legal action, even when they have no grounds. Youtube will cancel the people posting on the assumption that they must be wrong and the big money conglomerates must be right. No investigation, just arbitrar
  14. Dreambiscuit

    Technology What kind of mouse do you use?

    I use the built-in mouse on my Dell Latitude. I also have one of those little button things in the middle of the keyboard which works as a backup I guess.
  15. My dad’s side is three parts Polish to one part German, and on my mom’s side are equal parts French and English. I guess Polish comes out on top as the most prevalent, which suits me very nicely.
  16. I usually go the gym a couple times a week for cardio (elliptical machine for 20-60 minutes), some light weights (not enough to build muscle, just tone), and some aerobic exercise. I used to do crunches and had a nice diversified regimen for getting all those tricky areas of the abs, but had to give them up when I had back surgery. I’ve been cutting down on anything too strenuous lately because I’m pregnant and don’t want to overdo it. I still do light stuff and even my occasional ellipticals (cut way down). And I walk up to two miles daily around my apartment complex, in laps. I’m getting slo
  17. I carry stuff in my vest pockets when I’m, able to wear a vest, or purse on most occasions. I prefer to travel light as much as possible but I always end up carrying stuff for myself as well as others and that often takes up too much space for pockets alone.
  18. If furries are people into animals going around in costumes, talking and living their lives like any other intelligent upright being, heck yes I’m a furry! There’s nothing I love more than animal characters in cartoons. So much variety and they’re so much fun. If only there were talking animals in this human world! So I guess it’s official, I’m a furry and a Pegasister.
  19. I bought a Sig P365. I’ve been after this little gun for quite a while but it’s been hard to get ahold of. Now it’s finally been managed and I can move on to simpler things, like Pony toys.
  20. Dreambiscuit

    Books What wand would you have?

    Maybe you should make a new account and hopefully that'll jiggle something loose. I hope you didn't have too much stuff saved on there in case you have to start over.
  21. Dreambiscuit

    Technology Sites using CAPTCHA?

    I despise captcha and it seems to be everywhere. I understand its purpose but it seems there could be a less intrusive way to keep bots, etc away. Some captchas just look as though they’re made to show off how inventive their creators can be, like making me slide a puzzle piece into a blank spot, or mark certain images not once, but sometimes three or more times! Once should be enough, and if it isn’t screw it. Let the bots or whatever do their thing. I doubt any would be desperate enough to go through all that nonsense since most regular users have given up by the third round.
  22. Dreambiscuit

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The Sting (1973). A masterpiece of sharp writing and plot construction. It even manages to sting the audience!
  23. This was on my playlist among some opera and ragtime. I love to mix different genres.
  24. Dreambiscuit

    General Media Wasted characters.

    Marble Pie absolutely leaps to mind! She’s such a perfect fit to be the romantic interest for Big Mac, but by the time the writers got around to addressing Big Mac in that regard, the fifth-string writers apparently forgot all about Marble’s brief but memorable introduction and perfect chemistry with him. So they quickly whipped up the plug-and-play Sugar Belle which, in my opinion has no chemistry with him whatsoever. Marble should have been a far more frequent character.
  25. Dreambiscuit

    events Star Wars Day Bingo!

    Sounds like fun! Please count me in! I will probably be absent most of the day today but hopefully I’ll catch up by tomorrow and drop in to continue playing over the course of the event. I have a good feeling about this!
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