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  1. I'll stick a Kingston pen drive into your eyeballs. Then, somehow, I'll reach your brain with it to finally kill you.
  2. Even if it is the majority of people, it's not everyone. '-' You can always make something awesome with that character, even if people don't like the design. I know how you feel about it. Once I wrote a story that made me cry a lot. Really. And everyone who read it thought it was funny. I still like that story (and cry), and I only am who I am because of that story. So what people think of her really doesn't matter, as long as Shade is important and has meaning to you.
  3. Hey! What kind of "point"? It's never too late. : D
  4. Well, what people don't usually like about Shade's appearance? Maybe you could find a way to harmonize stuff in a way that you don't have to change her to something you don't like. Also, if it isn't possible, then you must remember that if you created her for yourself, it's your opinion that matters most; it normal that people don't like stuff, we're all different and one can't create something that looks beatiful to everyone. : ) Edit: I swear I didn't copy The_Gobo : x
  5. I guess that difference between people's preferences on cuteness work similarly to other types of attraction; it's just subjective, preferences that are born with the person. Not sure though. : |
  6. I really like both your old and new art styles. The only things I see as problems are that: Clothes look flat, to fix that you should draw the bends in a way they look more natural; The anthropomorphized pony's limbs look kind of inconsistent with the rest of the art style -- you draw ponies in a way that straight line get curved, and you should do that to the human parts too. Overall, it's very good. I hope this was helpful. : )
  7. I like your OC very much. The personality fits her appearance, and, Celestia!, she is beautiful! The colors evoke in me the idea of the manipulative kind of pony you described, while her mane, tail and wings contribute to a charming look. My only problem with her appearance is that her wings look a little weird in that picture, so maybe if you put more detail into their representation, they would look better. The way they look presently, I would describe them as... "flat", but if that's just a problem with drawing, then the idea behind the design is perfect in my opinion. About the personality, it's good, but it could be more unique or more developed (of course, she's still lacking her backstory, so I guess it's only natural!). Anyway, Miss Shade is a very good concept, and I am sure that if you want you can improve her. Feel free to share with us your thoughts. : ) Edit: Oh, you already have a backstory for her? Then tell us a bit about it! : D
  8. Well, it depends on the pony... Normally, I would love to get sincere nuzzles from anyone, but sometimes I'm kind of paranoid, so in that hypothetical situation, I would probably only accept nuzzles from ponies I trusted. And if I felt like it, I'd totally nuzzle them back!
  9. Definitely, Coco Pommel. Only being a star to be the way she is! (>w<) One could write a fiction about Star Ponies, the unknown race of fallen spirits who then manifested as the purest equestrians. However one day, something unexpected happens and the only way ponies have to save their celestial friends is to solve the whole mystery of the Star Ponies. I feel, however, that this is similar to something that already exists...
  10. That's cute! (^o^) ----- My dream is to teach people to be better to each other. For this, I want to be an Artist! ----- I think that genetics is an easier approach?
  11. I wonder... How come no one created a Fan Club for Thorax? : C
  12. I know what you mean. (>w<) That grin is beautiful!
  13. Thank you, everyone! (^w^) Also, thanks for the suggestions. : )
  14. You, Poly Lingua, are a genius. I want to know are you still developing it? I could try to help you! : ) I had been thinking about that idea before, and though I am not an expert or even a good linguist, I had some ideas. Firstly, I imagined that an Equestrian language would be partially Logographic, as a consequence of the difference between cultural and technological development. Secondly, I think that Equestrians would have at least some phonemes that a human wouldn't be able to pronounce due to anatomic differences. I agree that the three pony subspecies would have developed separated languages, and that they later merged into a single language. Also, I think that it should also be considered how each subspecies would evolve as civilizations. For example: Earth Ponies started as agriculturists, then expanded to commerce. In this example, their numeric system should be more complex and efficient, thus it could have been preserved in Modern Equestrian. Also... Discord ruled over Equestria once. Hahahaha. So we could explain that issue with Twilight often using the word "hands". Anyway, please reply as soon as you can. : D I am looking forward to say on the theme.
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