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What are you good at?

Wind Chaser

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Bucking for apples, I reckon.


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On 2023-07-02 at 9:35 AM, Kujamih said:

(Why not use those skills of yours for side hustle then?.)

Anyway im good at annoying people...

Quite an expert at chaos aswell ( see what i did there? People hate it when you stick as and well together... They'll complain it's not a one word, word. It's seperate.)

Well i have no commissions so... A bit of a blunder 

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  • 2 months later...

Tech, IT shit like troubleshooting and all that.

I'm a decent programmer (or I think I am at least).

People say I'm a good writer although I don't necessarily always agree.

I can be funny at times although finding someone who actually likes my sense of humor can be difficult lmao

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I'm quite good with tech stuff (used to work as a software developer), quite good at maths (I'm at an accounting firm now), I'm good at playing guitar and reasonably good at playing piano, I'm good at cooking, I'm good at languages (can speak about 3-4 reasonably well, and a smattering of words in many others), and I'm good at picking up heavy things.

That's pretty much it though. Most other stuff I suck at.

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