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What are you good at?

Wind Chaser

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Since it seems we have a lot of talented people around the fandom and some of us need a little encouragement, I'd like to see what kind of talent we have around here.



Please don't ask OP.


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I've been told I'm really good at writing. I like to write stories about things that matter, especially about disability fiction. Though, right now I'm writing about two male characters where one has feelings for the other. I can't think of anything else I'm really good at besides writing though.

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Well as long as you can draw more than a stick figure at my school you're talented in the drawing aspect. I've had people tell me I'm good at drawing although I know I have a long way to go, although it's really just a little hobby. I'm not really serious with art.


Let's see...I've also been told I'm a speed eater. Like I'm pretty much a vacuum. My food doesn't even have time to land on my plate.

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Yes patrick, mayonnaise is a talent.

Doesn't matter. Are you good at it?

Miaq got it. It was a joke wind. Watch the episode of spongebob, Band geeks, I think it is called.

I don't really know, I'd say I'm pretty good at destiny. And halo.

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Well, I don't have a ton of confidence in myself really, but I'll try my best.


(I'm good at bagging on myself, and having crappy confidence)


I have posted a few covers of me singing stuff on my blog on here, and people have told me I sing well, I still think I have a ways to go, and need lots of improvement, but I suppose I could be considered decent.


My mother also thinks I'm good at singing, but to be fair she isn't really that great at singing or know much about it, and is my mother afterall ;p.


I don't really sing in front of people though, not even my family generally. Because i'm to shy and lacking confidence I guess.


I've also been told I'm good at Trumpet, but idk, the vast majority of the other Trumpets in our section are better than me in my opinion.


I've also been told i'm "smart" when it comes to school, but eh.


Otherwise.. Idk? I've been told i'm nice, if that counts, or if it's even true.


Complimenting myself is certainly not something I'm good at though ;p.

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Voice acting sometimes. I can do a great Fluttershy speaking (without the angry parts) and a good Duskshine singing. I also think my female villian voice is good. I haven't tried a male villain voice.


I'm also pretty good at shooting even though I am cross dominate and hate guns. 


I found out I'm good at rapping even though that is my least favorite genre. 


I am pretty good at painting with watercolors.. 


I'm good at visioning stuff. 


I'm good at writing with both hands sometimes 


(The main alter ego would be surprised when he reads this :D )


I'm good at learning things. I'm a really fast learner


I'm good at baking as long as no one is watching


I'm good at making frappes 


I'm good at designing clothes


My handwriting is nice.


I'm great with sewing despite lack of practice


I'm great with art


I'm great at sneaking stuff


Overall, I'm good at a lot of stuff. :D The list would be too long. 

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If there is one thing that I'm really good at, it's anything to do with classic cars. I am a gearhead, first and foremost. I am like an encyclopedia when it comes to classics.


Other than that, I have a very strong musical prowess. I play multiple instruments, sing very well, and enjoy writing music.


I also have a very strong sense of humor, and have dabbled a bit in standup comedy.

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Platforming RPGs. I beat kaizo mario with a mechanical keyboard. :P


Photography. I took a class in college on it and it basically taught me that everything Professor Oak taught me in Pokemon Snap was wrong. There's more to composing a picture than just shoving your target in the middle of the screen with a decent height and pose...


Computer Programming, although I'm just starting to dabble with GUIs.

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