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What are you good at?

Wind Chaser

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Nothing. Asolutely nothing.


Other than bitching, nothing, ever, period.


Oh, and getting depressed by looking at this thread because I'm useless beyond belief.


Dammit, why did I even look at this thread... :(

Don't worry. I made this thread because I'm good at nothing, too, and I normally feel challenged when I see others who are better at things that I should be good at, too, but never got the chance to do.


I was looking for a spark of inspiration by looking through everyone else's replies, and I hope you can find that somewhere, too. I'll be open to a PM if you'd like.


I'm so glad no one asked OP yet! :squee:

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Tactics - I'm great at airsoft and FPS in general because I can change my tactics on a dime and not break stride while deciding how to win a fight

Art - I draw furs, ponies, and humans, and I have spent 6 years in Photoshop doing nothing productive but learning a lot.

Numbers - I can do Algebra really well.

I also have had to cook mostly all my own meals growing up and I got a little into sewing and weaving

My memory is not perfect but when it comes to anything like a movie or a song I can recite things from it even having only heard it once months or even years later, "Who I am With You" is a good example

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Voice acting as Krillin around the house 


Commentating in a game that me and my brothers play especially in Mario Kart revolving the Blue Shell and here's one of the comments "Here's the wind-up, the pitch, and what's this it just straight up knocked someone out of the park." Ironically it knocked my bro off Rainbow Road and got back on the track just to get knocked off again by a red shell.


I am good at art, writing romance stories, among others.

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Creation and ideas, I can just sit there and pour out ideas for ages :P This is good for minecraft/writing/randombuildingprojects

Spatial Thinking. I have never got less than 95% in a test for this and that was because I forgot to count the middle of the pyramid.

Reading speed: 750 wpm (my brain doesn't have an over average processing speed, its just I read... lets just say a ridiculous amount)

Arguing. I am pretty friking good at arguing, depending on how much background knowledge I have on the subject. (Although the people I normally end up arguing against leave massive holes in their argument which makes it really easy to sink)

Problem solving.


(This is nothing compared to my little brother; 10 years old, doing grade 8 on two instruments, has 2 scholarships, thinks a level maths is amusing.... although he physically doesn't know how to computer :3)

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Oddly, I seem to be good at writing erotic fiction. At least that's what my fans say.


In all honesty, I love the fact that I have a FAN BASE!


Thanks guys!

(I don't know if any of them visit here though. Most of my work has absolutely nothing to do with ponies!)

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Pokemon battling is probably my greatest skill. And I'm not too shabby when it comes to Mario Kart and adventure games.


I can come up with lots of good concepts for things, and I am a decent artist and writer. Also my spelling and grammar are 96% perfect or something.


I am also okay at making YouTube videos.

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I'm good at daydreaming, if that counts? Some of the ideas in my head feel amazing to ponder~ <3 To a lesser extent, I'd say I'm also fairly good at writing, as well as playing Smash Bros (though I'm definitely not a pro >_<) and learning about things that don't kill me from boredom. I guess listening to other people may also count as well, since it's something I've been doing my whole life, pretty much. :P

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