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What are you good at?

Wind Chaser

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People say I have a niche for writing. I think it's a fun hobby and it flows naturally once you get the hang of it. Photography is one of my other passions. From nature to animals to people, photography is something I certainly enjoy. Ever since I was a kid, I loved drawing. When I joined the fandom, I mainly drawer ponies. :P I might set up a DeviantArt in the future so I can post my artwork. I don't have any other hobbies really. In the future, I would love to learn how to play in instrument or sculpt!

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I dunno, really wish I did but I don't. I think I'm a good singer but I have no idea what other people think. I'm told I'm a good actor but I highly disagree. I honestly don't know...

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Im good at MMA (RIGHT HOOK!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!!1)

Gaming - I haven won an official tournament, but I have won independent tournaments.

Rapping - I don't feel like explaining.

Musicz - more specifically piano, guitar, and violin (CULTURE FIGHTER!!!)

Talking - I just talk a lot.

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I used to like writing and wanted to be an author... Got over it and I don't know if I was ever good at writing... I still like writing I'm just too lazy...


I'm decent at video games...


I naturally do decent in almost anything; never been outstanding in anything though... Also due to the lack of motivation probably...


When I'm trying something I'm really determined to achieve what I want and I usually don't stop until I've finished what I wanted...

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I'm gonna answer this genuinely (and not make stuff up to make myself seem more interesting.because I'm confident in who I am)

I'm pretty much only good at Drawing (traditionally) I am slowly getting better at Digital.

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Well, time to go bragging.

Im good at English (as some people have told me)

Im good at math.

Im good at ceetain games

Im good discussing things (at least I think so)

Im good at staying happy.

Im good at making friends (apparently) 

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