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S05:E22 - What About Discord


S05:E22 - What About Discord?  

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To quote Strong Bad about inside jokes:

"Every good road trip needs a good inside joke that only the people who went on the road trip will get; and the people who didn't go on the road trip would wanna kill your legs every time you bring it up."

Ours will be "Jumbo Large"

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I found this to be a rather enjoyable episode.

It's a Discord episode so of course it would be.

I enjoyed seeing Twilight learn her lesson in this episode as well.

Plus it was nice to actually see Zecora since she has been gone for like forever.

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I don't know about any of you, but I quite enjoyed this episode.


The moral hits really close to me especially with how I am socially both growing up and today, the references were nice and the only nitpick I have is that I really question Discord's morality especially in that ending.

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It surprised me that Discord did not do anything evil along the course of the events of the episodes (including the 3 days that premised the episode). It seems like he really developped his caracter in the final (let's hope it's not gonna revert).

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Finally an Discord episode where it turns out Discord actually did make friends with the mane 6 and not screwing them over. I could totally relate to Twilight missing out on things


Also the Bob Ross and BttF jokes couldn't have been more perfectly timed

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References everywhere. Because that's just what a discord episode is. It kinda distracts you from the bad plot. Anyways, reference nerd out time.





Marty McPie!



Everyone is just messing with Twilight now



I ship it.


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That was rather... run of the mill actually. More of a lesson-teaching episode than anything. Discord trying to teach Twilight a lesson rather than being up to no good? Well, I guess it depends on how you interpret it but still... :pout::umad:

A lot of sight gags and a constantly frustrated Twilight don't make for a great episode for me sorry to say... Discord didn't even need to really be there. Still, was fun enough to watch I guess, not the greatest episode in the world but certainly not the worst either. :derp:

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