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Trouble with an old playlist


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Hey so I don't know who exactly to contact about this but I came across a bug on the site. I have a playlist that I started around 9 months ago called "Good tunes" where I put songs that I am thinking about downloading. It has been slowly accumulating this whole time and probably has around 50 or so tracks on it.

When I clicked on the playlist today, it was completely blank, no track listings or anything. To test things out, I tried to add a new track to it- it said the track was added, but when I went back to the playlist, it was still blank.

Next, I tried making a new playlist and added a random track. This time, the track appeared on the new playlist. I hope that all the songs from the old playlist are just hiding behind a glitch and are recoverable, otherwise I'll be a sad pony.

Here is a screenshot of the playlist: http://www.mediafire.com/view/5fn2n34rx2lv9uu/No_tunes.PNG

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Hey @@BlueBrony,


The Pony.fm forum is a great place to post issues and feedback for Pony.fm! Thanks for the report.


I have good news - your playlist is intact but the tracks are not showing up due to a glitch. I'll dig into this and fix it soon!



I've fixed the bug! Your playlist now works again, @@BlueBrony. :D

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