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Would you buy a very huge plushie pony ?


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I used to have one and to be honest, as cute as it was, (a giant pinkie I sold since,) it was WAY too  much to handle! I'm a plushie hugger in my sleep, and if it gets to a point where I can't wrap my arms around it, I'd rather not!

But that's not to say they're bad! Just not my preference :catface: 

I like the ponies that have plush hair the most, and BaB ponies/plush ponies with real hair the least, imo. Giants are in the middle but I'd still rather not!

Edit: that being said, the giant pinkie was really high quality! You can tell whoever made it has put their heart and soul into every stitch. So there's that!


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I actually bought a Luna plush that's a little over 2 feet tall (the plush maker had bigger ones but I didn't have the money nor room for one bigger) that's specifically made to cuddle/hug. I love her, and dare I say cuddling her is better than cuddling a real person sometimes. So yes, did buy, would buy again, would buy bigger one if possible.

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