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Hello, I'm new here I'm not special. Am just a dull artist who draws with Ms-paint. We come to my simple Ms.paint pictures   Luna under the Sun          Princess Celestia Sunrise]    A

Leere thanks  but it is Ms-paint win7      

SMILE or PINKIE ?     Pinkie Pie Smile My little Pony      

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@sallycar wow!! i am going to type in lowercase here, to try to get the mspaint feeling in my expression of how totally awesome of an artist you are! to keep your art on a single layer level, though win 7 mspaint is a little evil to work with i am more a fan of the older versions, the final art is so clean. i can only say respect!


i like the fluttershy & zephyr breeze shower scene one! the rarity unique camera! i mean this is a thread i need to go through for such a long time to capture every drawing. i might find more favorites :sunbutt:

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THANKS you yes i like this picture too


yes i have a lote of FUN XD. yep i am good with ms-paint but i am not the best.


such great and nice words from you :} . If I get such a feedback. It always assembles me very much that I try to create even better image with ms-piant.

I find it nice that you also like my other pictures .  /)

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On 6/5/2019 at 10:13 PM, sallycar said:

HEY speedart 22min oh my ;)

part one

part two


Oh ridiculous awesomeness going on here!

I just did a speed drawing myself, and managed to get it down to 5 minutes (no competition or anything), but i just did the pony, no background. And speed was 400% normal speed.


But what you did, with the MSPaint, is pure magic! :sunbutt:

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