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MS-PAINT - Scrap


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Hello, I'm new here

I'm not special. Am just a dull artist who draws with Ms-paint.

We come to my simple Ms.paint pictures


Luna under the Sun     





Princess Celestia Sunrise]   



A Hard Day's Night Rarity]  



royal on the beach]   




Season 5 Finale Rainbow]   




sorry sister ! Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze]  






Pinkie Pie Gummy Party Ms-Panit]  



Princess Celestia Princess Luna HUG ]  



These are just a few pictures. To show all the pictures here I have to post more than 100 pictures .The rest is there http://sallycars.deviantart.com/gallery/

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Wow! You are doing great arts!




I tried MS paint once... I got this:


Truly, a work of art genius! (sarcasm). 


P.S.: Even if I did it on purpose, drawing bad, it still counts for sarcasm, right?



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^ wow congrats for that! plus the first one  :love:


You're amazing! also done with MS PAINT OMGGG, true talent!


i love the pony or word ones. you're so creative! I've seen you have more on your devianart YAY♥♥they're truly perfect.

my favourite one is the trixie's one  :wub:

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