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What do you think is Sunset Shimmer's IQ score?

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@WriteCodes46 stated these IQ, which I think are indeed the ones.

  1. Twilight Sparkle (IQ of 140)
  2. Rarity (IQ of 110)
  3. Applejack (IQ of 105)
  4. Fluttershy (IQ of 90)
  5. Pinkie Pie (IQ of 80)
  6. Rainbow Dash (IQ of 75)

Sunset would be less then Twilight, but higher then Rarity. I guess it is around 132.

Starlight would be around the 115 for that matter and Discord around 137.

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I'm going to say that Sunset's IQ is high on account that she was seen solving a complex math problem during the Friendship Games--though she did wind up getting it wrong yet we don't exactly know where she slipped up. Sci-Twi is smarter than her but not by much so whatever her IQ is, Sunset's won't be far behind.

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I think Sunny is as smart as Twi, maybe more so. But Sunny is more confident in her brains, and not as studious. I still believe she's a genius as well 

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Living in a world where all the characters look like they have radiation poisoning similar to a Nickelodeon show Doug, it wouldn’t surprise me if all of them have IQs equivalent of goldfish.


Since I only watched the first EG movie, Sunset and Twilight have relatively evenly matched IQ. I mean Sunset has to be to outsmart Twilight throughout the movie, before her plan backfires.

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