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Ever come up with an bad/stupid idea(s) before?


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Putting biscuit crumbs in a roommate's bed during a week long school trip as a prank. And not just a few crumbs either. If the window was open, many birds of different shapes and sizes would have been feeding off his bed. Never expected him to react like he did. Some people can dish out pranks, but just can't take them in reverse I guess. But then again, some of my pranks seem to be punishment game material. Like the time I pretended to sleep walk during another week long school trip and ended up scaring the crap out of my roommate to the point that he didn't want to sleep in the same room as me. To this day he probably still doesn't realise I was faking it.

But yeah. Any pranking ideas are best reserved for those you know that can handle them.

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There was a little chili pepper.

I know I wouldn't be able to handle the spice level from it.

I willingly picked it up anyways and ate the whole thing.

I then got attacked by spcy spicy spicy!!! And wondered why that happend!

It really makes me think... :pip-err:

This was last week by the way

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Put cheesy bread in the microwave without reading the instructions. Needless to say a sea of black smoke came from the microwave and it also broke the microwave. Wouldn’t turn on anymore and the house smelled like smoke for days. I’m lucky I didn’t start a fire lol



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