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general Have you ever been in a fight?


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No but there was one time I was so close to hurting someone because he was so annoying and wouldn't stop bothering me :maud:

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Yes, a few times actually.  I never instigated them, but grew up in some bad areas so it was natural there. Thankfully I took some boxing classes and they paid off. I don't condone violence and always recommend talking things out, but there are times where you will have to defend yourself against someone who doesn't wish to listen.

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clarity, darling.
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Small ones in grade school but one attacked me and I hit him with my umbrella and I got in trouble 

then a kid kept throwing my coat into the boys bathroom and finaly I went in and I punched the kid. He never messed with me again. 

that’s it.  There were a lot of times I’ve wanted to punch people. I didn’t though. I was to afraid I’d get in trouble or something.

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