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movies/tv You're hired to direct a Marvel vs. DC movie. How would you make it?


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Under one stipulation: The actors from all the current movies can't be used. For one reason or another, they're done. So as much as you might like Robert Downey Jr., you need to get a new Iron Man. You can't cast Chris Evans as Captain America. You can't get Christian Bale or Ben Affleck to reprise their role as Batman, etc.

It shouldn't be hard. People thought Sean Connery was irreplaceable as James Bond, and look at how many times that character was recast. Debates over who was the best to play so-and-so is one defining aspect of any strong fandom.

For me, a project like this wouldn't work as a standalone movie, but two. Because I really would not want an epic-scale death battle to end in a stupid tie, and people who prefer one obviously aren't going to like seeing the other win no matter how well-crafted the story is. I would make sure a deal was reached between Marvel and DC: each would be responsible for putting together a story detailing what THEY think the other side would have to do to beat theirs. Meaning if I had to work on the Warner Bros. version, I would be in charge of a movie where DC ends up losing to Marvel. And likewise, Marvel would have to put one out where DC wins. This would kill any opportunity for whoever's penning the scripts to make them into fanboy projects where one side is not given fair treatment. 

And with such a long history of superhero movies, I think it would be safe to just put all the focus on the fighting and speculation at this point. Like Infinity War. Because why would we need to see any character's origin retold before having them kill some guys from the other universe? There are only so many ways the death of Peter Parker's uncle can motivate him to be Spider-Man, and regardless, that wouldn't be the main selling point anymore.

I haven't come up with a full list of which heroes and villains could be involved or who I would get to play them, but I'll post whatever comes to mind later.

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I wouldn't really have any casting in mind, in fact I'd want it to be animated in the style of Into The Spider-Verse. On that subject, as much as I would love to include the likes of Spiderman, the X-Men or the Teen Titans, I think I would have it focused on a Justice League vs The Avengers scenario: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Flash and Green Lantern vs Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow, have them fight over a misunderstanding/brainwashing/universal threats/whatever, but then have the two teams team up to take on a bigger threat of villain alliances(Lex Luthor and Dr Doom, Darkseid and Thanos, you name it) and end it with one big epic team up battle

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Only if  Max Bialystock was the producer. Then I'd have fun with it and direct a musical!


"Springtime for Thanos and Ultron,

Winter for Superman and the Bat!"


I don't know about the rest of the cast, but I insist on  Nicolas Cage as superman!




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If I were to make a Marvel vs DC it wouldn't be about them actually fighting each other. Instead it would be about a unusually boring game of monopoly.

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I would probably try my best to give justice and be true to the comic itself, at the same time not giving a crap about some triggered fanboys.

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Easy. Movie adaptation of the JLA/ Avengers crossover mini-series. 

See the source image

And y'know what? Screw all the half live action, half CGI bollocks. We're going animated. We're outsourcing this to Studio Madhouse, the guys behind One Punch Man, Death Note, Overlord and several Marvel anime adaptations. This will be a feast for the eyes. 

Bruce Timm and Joss Whedon will direct. Kevin Fiege and Paul Dini will produce. And it'll be split into two films, each film covering two issues of the series. 

You said current movies, but nothing about TV series or video games. So here's your cast:

  • Kevin Conroy – Batman

  • George Newbern – Superman

  • Susan Eisenberg – Wonder Woman 

  • Michael Rosenbaum – Flash

  • Carl Lumbly – Martian Manhunter

  • Scott Rummell – Aquaman

  • Stephen Amel - Green Arrow

  • Mark Meer- Green Lantern

  • Roger Craig Smith – Captain America

  • Chris Cox – Hawkeye

  • Peter Jessop – Vision

  • Crispen Freeman – Iron Man

  • Richard Ian Cox- Quicksilver

  • Kelly Sheridan- Scarlet Witch

  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey – Wasp

  • Rick D. Wasserman – Thor

  • Wally Wingert – Ant-Man

  • Paul Dobson as The Grand Master

  • David Kaye as Krona


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I'd rather make it with a more small cast with less characters instead of making it all famous DC characters vs all famous Marvel characters. And it has to be made based on the pre-established franchise, because that's the whole point of making a mash up movie. So, the Batman theme music, Superman theme music etc has to be in it.

It would be great if we make an Old Man Logan + The Dark Knight Returns mashup, making the two iconic heroes got old meet. Like how professor X and Magneto are in the first X-men movie was already the old version. Logan is Clint Eastwood, Batman is Daniel Day Lewis. I don't care if they are retired. Just make the damn movie already. Or yet, a better idea is to make it like the movie The Expendables. Instead of old action movie stars, there are old heroes. J.K Simmons is the old Spider-man, Bill Murray is Green Lantern, Sigourney Weaver is Wonder Woman, Michael J Fox is the Flash, Tom Hanks is Captain America, Mads Mikkelsen is Hulk, Al Pacino is Iron Man (why the hell not), Anthony Hopkins is Thor, Samuel L. Jackson is Cyborg and Jackie Chan as himself. Screw the small cast.

Tell me you don't want to see that movie.

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First off Itd be a movie about how all Marvel characters were a creation of Mister Mxyzptlk in order to usurp the justice league and the others. Thanos was actually a super weak Darksied, Ultron was actually Metallo, and So on. 

The climax would end with DC being on top. 

Batman would be played by Daniel Radcliffe.

Superman would have Kevin Smith as him

Flash played by Jason Mewes


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On 2020-10-04 at 8:47 PM, EpicEnergy said:

Expect epic battle scenes for nearly the whole movie. :P

I would make a Mlp movie crossover Vector: Rainbow Dash 20With Rainbow dash as the mane protagonist and The Batman who Laugh as the Main antagonist

dc-comics-dark-nights-metal-the-batman-who-laughs-statue-prime1-studio-903893-05.jpg The main plot of the movie is the Batman who laugh/one who laugh/The Darkest Knight somehow ended up in equestria, the mane six and the princesses were unable to stop him but rainbow dash than journey Cross the Multiverse to find a way to defeat The one who laugh and also fight allies and  new friend

See the source image White (aka Zangetsu ) agree to help take down the one who laugh only because it would entertain himself aswell

See the source image

and also Twilight sparkles own corrupted evils counterpart from the dark multiverse aswell  See the source image

See the source image

See the source image with the secret  base  in the everfree forest and with barbed wire and wall all surrounding the base and the Gate that can only be access by fingerprint or hoofprint and eye scan.

the Titles of the movie would be the battle for the Multiverse

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