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Let's Create a Pony!


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(i hope this is in the right forum, seemed more appropriate for the games forum than the art ones!)


How this works is there's a list of traits for the pony, and each comment uses the corresponding trait number to come up with a trait! when they're all done, I'll post a drawing of the completed pony :eager:


1st comment - Race (unicorn/pegasus/earth/kirin/etc)

2nd comment - Mare or stallion

3rd comment - Age

4th comment - Coat color (s)

5th comment - Coat markings (solid color, spots, socks, etc)

6th comment - Exposed hooves? (Yes or no, if yes then provide a color for them)

7th comment - Mane and tail length (short, medium, long)

8th comment - Mane and tail style (spiky, round, poofy, straight, pigtails, etc)

9th comment - Mane and tail color

10th comment - Eye color

11th comment - cutie mark and/or special talent

12th comment - I'll post here with the finished pony art!

If anyone's still interested, we can keep going for several rounds :BrightMacContent: You can post more than once in a round, but please don't do two in a row!

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