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Post a quote from the last Youtube video you watched


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The last youtube video I watched was "Paper Mario Creates a Monster" by Flash Gitz, so nothing that could really be deemed quote worthy that's appropriate for the forums. :crackle:

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"My name's not Rick!" 


On 9.02.2021 at 1:43 AM, Kyoshi said:

It can have context, it can have no context. Fire away pone peeps!



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"We also talked about...diapers. Actually no we didn't talk about that. That was not a subject of conversation."

Anytime I hear him say that, it gives me an especially specific laugh. XD

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"Don't freight hop! Freight hopping is bad! If you freight hop, you could die! Freight hopping is dangerous, illegal, dirty, smelly, frustrating, exhausting and stupid, and you shouldn't do it!

...Let other people do it instead, and watch them on YouTube from the comfort of your own home." :Daydreaming:

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"It's like right after they made the Genesis version, they said "Oh yeah! You gotta make a Gameboy version!" and they were like "Oh shit, we've only got 7 minutes!" And this is what they gave us."

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