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What is your strongest weakness?


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The massive wound at the center of my soul. It is a fracture of the heart that does not let me live a normal life. And it is also what drives me to seek truth and understand our past. As the past story of this creation was heinous and traumatic enough for the "powers that be" to have to obscure the nature of this geocentric plane behind the globe model.

And you can see the actual sequels of this collective trauma in the dissociation, addiction, autism, depression, abuse and the suicide that contaminates humankind to this day.

I know at the center of my being that a terrible injustice was commited against humankind. And my soul won't rest until justice is made. And I am certain it has something to do with the passage that mentions there were fallen ones or giants in the earth in those days, even before th fall. I know it was a sexual crime in nature, which involved a tremendous amount of abuse against humankind, because I can see the pathological behaviour of this abuse like an imprint in the souls of people, as well as my own.

I guess I will not know until I know. Because they have done their job to obscure the past of this creation, and muddle the chronology of humanity. But the pain is still there. And it is so much that is driving many people into a lethargic state, and even suicide, in this planet, which is not a planet.

So, the spiritual wound that has driven me to chronic depression and suicidal ideation, and it is killing me, as it happened with the rest of this family. Is also my strength to seek truth. For there cannot be healing without truth.

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Hyper fixations, obsessions, my past reputation that doesn't really hold up with the false portrayals ppl try to paint me in, I guess being socially intimidating and keeping ppl from wanting to have genuine discussions with me, I sometimes say off-putting or accidentally offensive things that make people want to believe I'm a lot worse than I am...

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