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Who is your favorite MLP villain?

Shiny Silvermoon

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Discord with no doubt. He is clearly the strongest mlp character. 

My another favorite villain is Starlight Glimmer



Creating different timelines was something really cool. She is the only villain who did what she wanted. Every villain was reformed after defeat, but she was an exception. Twilight had to convince her. 

However both of my favorite villains are not villains any more. 



But that is also good. 

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Discord, for sure. Nothing beats his crazy antics and the way he messed with the princesses and the Mane Six.

I really, really like the design of King Sombra. The evil unicorn who turned dark and uses fear magic, that's pretty dope.

Starlight Glimmer is really cool and powerful, being able to wield magic even Twilight has trouble with.

Finally, shoutout to Flim & Flam for being the funniest, non world dominating villains they are (beside that one alternate timeline)

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Chrysalis, no doubt.

The season 2 finale always reminds me of Little Mermaid when she disguises as the princess and almost takes over Canterlot.

She definitely won me over in the season 6 finale, with an almost villain victory, considering the only thing that stopped her was Starlight and Thorax, and that was still pretty impressive for an MLP villain, nearly capturing almost every single pony and taking over the whole kingdom, despite being stopped by a traitor to her kingdom.

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