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Could you fall in love with inanimate objects?


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You'd have to be insane to legitimately fall in love with an inanimate object, but I do believe that it's possible to bond with cars, and to start to see them as a trusty companion.

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100%. In fact, let's prove this with an inanimate object that everypony has OBJECTIVELY fallen in love with at one point in their lives; their beds after a long day. Or just beds in general.

Jokes aside, I can see this question apply for many material things depending on the person.

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Yeah absolutely, no doubt, I have to admit that I myself have love for the works I create, not as a romantic love but a intense connection to your creations, have you heard the tale or Pigmalion and Galatea? A sculptor who created a women statue so perfect he fell in love with, is kinda like that, I add love to my creations and Im proud of my works, am not sure if that counts

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