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Could you fall in love with inanimate objects?


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I really depends on your definition of love. You can be in love with the idea of a fictional character, but can you devote your life to a picture?


I dunno. People often devote themselves to "deistic figures" they have never met or seen. People mold them into what they want, and what they want becomes all they (feel) they need.
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It depends on how you look at it.


The term "love" means to have strong feelings for, or to be sensitive about. We as humans have the ability to reason, so we tend to develop strong attachments to things.


For example:

-You cry at a sad fictional story not because you love the character, but the situation. Think about that, a nice person gives his life for another. You cry because you connect to situation to your life, imagining if this were to happen to you. Notice how whenever you think of a setting like a house, you can only picture a house you've seen.

-You think you're "in love with" Fluttershy, but what you really desire is a human with her traits.

-You love an object, like a lucky charm, because it has a connection to something you hold dearly.


To conclude my explanation, I'd say we form these strong attachments because they somehow connect with our own lives.

Yes, you can have feelings for anything that connects to your own life)



(I discovered this a few days ago after reading "My Little Dashie", a very sad but happy story whereas I imagined my own life like the human in it.)

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You really just like the prospect and characteristics. If you sat down and really took what you like apart, and separated the good from the bad,m you would be surprised to what you find :)

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Everyone loves in a different way. Some people have no physical attraction, others have that soley.

From my experience, I know I can love fiction just as I love people. It puts me in agony a lot and stems from childhood.

Love can exist even when you haven't met someone face to face. Everyone is different.

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People love God...

Oh I went there! :P


But seriously now Love has MANY definitions and as long as it meets one it can in fact technically happen!


Love can be a feeling of strong attachment. I am strongly attached to my laptop therefore I love it!


Love can also be an interpersonal relationship which by definition is impossible with inanimate/fictional objects.


So it all depends on your definition of Love.


My definition is something that you feel attached to that brings you happiness, therefore I love my laptop, I love my family, I love My Little Pony, etc. A romantic relationship still falls under the umbrella of "love" and it just a specific example of love, but NOT the sole definition!

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While I do believe that Nico and Lamii Inkfeather have more or less summed up my opinion on the subject, I would like to further opine about the nature of love itself. Specifically, its lack of real definition.


How do we truly define love? Is there one definition that all can agree on? What defines what is love and what isn't love, or how deep love goes? Honestly, I think it depends upon the individual. There are many types of love, from romantic love, to platonic love, to the love between family members, or the affection one feels towards a pet.


So while my answer is yes, you can, it really does depend upon your own personal definitions. For myself, I don't think I could really fall in love with a fictional character. Oh, I might adore their personality and/or their physical appearance, but the things that for me that are required for love, the communication, the contact, the times we could share together, all of that would be missing. They are too crucial for my experience of love for me to really ever fall in love with a fictional character.


But that's me, because of how I view it. How others view it will definitely differ, and for many, they definitely can fall in love. Whether or not that's actually healthy is another thing entirely.

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You can be infatuated, but not truly love fictional characters.


Bingo. Love involves a two way relationship, infatuation does not.

Infatuation is a kind of obsession that can fool a person into thinking he/she's in love.

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I second Roop here, love is a way too strong word in this case, so I have to say no, you can't trully love a non-real thing.


When I last checked, love was a deep twoway emotion or a charm that happened between two or more living organisms like people or animals, not between living organisms and non-real things. I'd say that one can only like something that isn't real, but definetly not love, because as I said love can only occur when the feeling is twoway, and the non-real thing can't love you in return.


But if there are people that think they are in love with things that aren't real, I can only say one thing - whatever floats your boat, but be careful, these feelings may lead to insanity.


For one I really like applejack, but I definetly don't love her because love would be pointless and obsurd in my case.


And I thank everypony in advance for understanding, tolerating but not necessarily agreeing to my point of view.

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This is a rather odd topic. But ya know, I love ponies. By ponies, I do mean MLP:FiM ponies. However, it's not the same love as that of a relationship, or lust. I also love Yoko from Gurren Lagann. I don't think I've ever seen a more badass next-to-naked chick in an anime until that. Pretty much, you can love anything you want to... but marrying fictional characters? No... it doesn't work that way. No matter what they are, they wont show you any true love in return. The girls in Love Plus? They're robots. From what I can recall from Friendship is Witchcraft, robots don't have souls, they can't feel pain, and the love they show isn't real; just something that's in their programming. But still, loving them is fine.


On another subject, I idolize a few fictional characters. For instance, Kamina (also from Gurren Lagann) is my absolute favorite character in existance, manliest character in any series, my motivator, and my idol. If I need a boost of motivation, generally I'd just watch an episode of the series, and then I'd feel like making a giant drill to pierce through to the heavens. Hell, just go watch the series "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann." Even if you don't like giant mech anime, this is something on a completely different level of epic. It's the one series I was obsessed over before ponies took over my life, and so far the only anime set I've actually set out to buy the dvds for. Still, if it wasn't for this show, I probably wouldn't have had the energy to make it through college.

Raw Raw Fight the Power!

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yes.. yes you can. in fact you can fall in love in things that arent there. but i think its called a some sort of psychoses (or how its called in english)


like falling in love with a doll isnt as rare as you think.

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