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request shop Lineart Request Thread

Octavia's Cellozoid

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Hopefully I can keep up with this request thread >.>


I'll be taking lineart requests. Lineart, meaning just black outlines, for those who may be confused.


Request form -


Photo reference


Accessories (up to two--NON complicated)



I can deny a request at any time.

I WILL be slow at filling out requests, be PATIENT or your request will not be filled.

No double requests from one person. If I have already done a lineart request for you, do not ask for another until the roster is empty.

I'd appreciate if I don't have to include something like trees, furniture, and the likes.


Examples --








1. Sonata18



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Could you draw one of my OC seapony, Sea Breeze.  


Reference : http://mlpforums.com/topic/49970-making-my-first-oc-need-name-and-cutie-mark-advice/



Could you use the sea-pony version (not alicorn)?  Don't worry about the cutie mark... not sure where that goes on a mermaid tail, anyway, lol.  Ignore that heart thing on the front leg... it was from the doll-maker. 


Position:  Swimming?  You can be creative, lol.  I don't have a position preference.  :)


You don't need to put accessories unless you can think of something you would want to put on her.  


Thanks so much!!!!!!! <3

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