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What would you give to Keep equistra


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We're gonna revisit the old

"your an oc pony, your in ponyville, canterlot, or where ever."

The cards are down, some menace, new, or old,

be it discord, tymatt, or Cythulu has risen and threatening to take down the world as you know it.


helping out could mean injury, death, or the ruin of your immortal soul.  Now keep in mind there's an option to return home to the human world but you can never come back.  You are fairly capable, but not mary sue.

Your allowed to be about as useful as say shinning armor.  (and i don't mean that in a trollish sense)

Lets suppose Celestial has asked you herself "OC pony, i believe in you, blah, blah , blah" (It would sound way better than this obviously)


Do you go
SCREW YOU GUYS i'm a going home!  (be honest LOL)


You can count on me princess!


I would die before I would ever let equsitra fall!


I think my muffins are burning back at my house, are you sure there's no one else? (And hide next to flutter shy)


This is my big moment, this is where i separate myself from the heard.


Excellent every things falling in to place (break into diabolic laugh), oh buck i just said that loud.



1 means your going home

2-3 are just varying degrees of enthusiasm  (3 might imply your doing this for your sense of adventure)

4 simply means your down but your gonna need a push

5 means your doing this based on your ambition to prove your worth.

6 if you don't understand what six is never you mind goodie, goodie lol

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Ia Cthulhu! *rushes to cthulhu's side*


OK to be perfectly honest, if there was a wild Cthulhu running around equestria, I would definitely be in hiding... Heck, even if I was my already dead OC id still be freaking terrified.


Discord though... Yeah, I'd give him a 6 or 2. It would be cool to join in the chaos and have a bit of fun. If he turned on me though, he isnt really too dangerous of a threat. He is powerful certainly, but he isn't the type to resort to brutality. He attacks more psychologically and I think I could deal with that.

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I would have to say three, that's just how I do it. I would sacrifice myself if it meant saving Equestria. Doesn't matter who it is, Discord or even Cthulhu. If there is something worth fighting for, why not fight? I would quote Martin Luther King but change man to pony. "A pony that won't die for something is not fit to live." <-- Respect, this is the truth.


Although I might go for six, since it's more fun but I doubt I would if I knew at least the mane 6.

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I go with 5 for all of these threats. I have always wanted to prove my worth somehow and I think this would be the ticket to do it. I'd actually feel as though I have a purpose in life for once. I would feel a little regret fighting Cthulhu, but you know what they say. No pain, no gain.

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Well, I don't know what "Equistra" is, but I'm going to assume you meant Equity, In order to keep my equity, I would fight Cthulu head on by throwing assorted things at him until he surrenders. Probably 5 for both because an equity has a lot to do with worth.

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For all the encounters I'd probably do it. Not because I wanted to, because I probably wouldn't have the nerve to say no to Celestia. However, the moment things go bad. Like the world is falling to shambles, I would back out to the human world as quickly as possible. Then write about my experiences in Equestria, I'd also be sure to bring some evidence with me.


So a mix between 1 and 2


So a 1.5?

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Wait, Cthulhu is attempting to destroy Equestria?


I am Hastur. Thats my brother you are talking about. Of course I'm going to do everything I can to stop him!


If it is a different villain though... I'll still help.


God I love family LOL.  This is VIP worthy right here.  I love seeing bad guys turn even temporally, kinda suprised not to see any 

Tiamat love in this thread, she'd really fit in to the series  lol



you know this bad boy.


anyone else picture pinkie doing the cthulu chant?

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