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poetry that i post on this thread


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why do I exist?

i am much different from my fellow human, so i must be here for some reason, right?

my eyes bear hatred,

but my heart shows love.

my voice is deep and threatening,

but i wish to have good intentions.


This world rots one day at a time, 

And I am not talking about global warming.

I am talking about the woman who killed three people for an Xbox One, and had no regrets.

I am talking about the people who kill because of one's beliefs

"But why should I care? It's not my problem"

That is probably the biggest sign that our world is rotten already


"Can I make a difference?"

"What can one man do?"

That is probably what you are thinking.

One man can do allot.

Some good, some bad


Adolf Hitler, killed millions of Jews, gays, and anyone else who wasn't German.

Martin Luther King Jr, freed African Americans and started a revolution.

These are two of the many I can list who did great and terrible things in their lives.

So next time you think, "What can I do?", think back to these two men.


(I know, I know, it's bad and it probably sucks, but work with me, I'm only fourteen)





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Wow very impressive ^_^ how long did this take you?

Five, maybe ten minutes. These type of things just come to me I've been thinking the general idea since yesterday, but all of the words were today.

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It makes me think of this song. It's about watching the world burn through the eyes of the media and news networks. Sitting at home like a zombie while the world dies all around you, thinking. Much better you than I. Vicariously, I, live while the whole world dies.

Seriously, look the lyrics up for this song, you'll enjoy it, I'm sure. :)



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You are 14 as I am and you posted this... I actually did great MLP poetry myself, especially considering that english is not my mother language, but I wrote for myself. When I finnish my work imma post it somewhere.

This wasn't bad hope you continue doing this and never give up. ^^

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