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Buck Norris Facts

Tom The Diamond

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Chuck Norris? Psht, screw him. He has nothing on Equestria's very own...


Buck Norris.


Who is Buck Norris? Only the toughest, most powerful and amazing earth pony in the world. Capable of feats beyond our mere mortal comprehension, this topic is dedicated to posting any discoverys in Buck Norrisology. I'll start us off.


Buck Norris is so tough, that there is no chin under his beard. There is only another hoof.


Ponies are afraid to be banished to the moon. Trollestia is afraid to be banished to anywhere near Buck Norris.


Buck Norris's cutie mark is Buck Norris.


Trixie can banish Ursa Majors. Buck Norris can banish Ursa Zillas.


Your turn.

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Buck Norris once shot a dragon down by pointing at it with his hoof and yelling bang!


Buck Norris can buck all the apples in Equestria, by stomping the air.


When Discord sees Buck Norris, Discord is immediately turned into a human, working a 9-17 job.


The Royal Canterlot voice is a vague copy of when Buck Norris is whispering.

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Buck Norris is so tough, he doesn't need a pegasus to move his clouds; they run away from him instead.


Buck Norris doesn't get wet, water gets Buck Norris.


Ponies used to always wear socks, but they stopped because Buck Norris kept knocking them off.


Buck Norris doesn't need music to get rid of Parasprites; they asexually de-produce in his presence.

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When Buck Norris looks a cocatrice in the eye, it turns to stone.

Buck Norris exploded twice and still survived to defeat a hydra.

The reason Derpy Hooves is walleyed is because she stared at Buck Norris too long.

Buck Norris doesn't need a horn to do magic, he just thinks about whatever he wants and wills it into being.

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Pinkie Pie can break the fourth wall; Buck Norris can break the fifth wall.


MLP:FiM was created by Lauren Faust; Lauren Faust was created by Buck Norris.

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