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Request Shop Sky Cutter's Fire Art Request Shop (First 20 (4 spots left!))

Sky Cutter

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So yeah, if you have a cutie mark you want me to draw with nebula stuff, just post a picture here and I'll get on it.


all images will be 1366x638


List of requests (Complete ~ In production ~ Queued ~ Delayed (i.e. complexity))

  1. SorenNightwing
  2. Hibiscus Bloom
  3. nioniosbbbd
  4. arcanel
  5. JellyBean
  6. RageStar
  7. Burning Endurance
  8. XxConfused UnicornxX
  9. Powercell
  10. IIFlyingGraceII
  11. ScientistGauge
  12. HerpDerp88
  13. ~Lazy Sweet Pen~
  14. ~Silver Essence~
  15. Blaze Bronson
  16. Lightning Flash

The first 20 users to make requests will get theirs without question, after 20 I will decide whether I wish to continue or not and whether I want to commission them for a price


I've attached some of my previous works

















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Ohhhhh, that looks very very interesting! :D If you could, do you think you could do that style on both my OC's cutie marks, whose profile sheets are on my signature? (I'll give you their best cutie mark shots anyway, since I don't really have them on their own)
















First is Arcanel, second is Xiomara :P At any case, thank you, and I hope it's not much of a bother. :)

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Could you do a youtube loading circle with a feather pen through it?


Here's what I came up with, is the color of the feather all right? or did you have a different color in mind?








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Hey man, could you do a piece of minecraft coal on fire please? It would be much appreciated and stuff ^^ if you want I'll do a piece of art back for you? ^^ <3

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Oooooh boy. Do you think you could fit in my Ponysona's cutiemark? Her name is Aquaspark, and attached is a reference picture.


If you can manage that, thanks!post-19171-0-79265700-1391526846.jpg

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