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  1. This game was actually a pleasant surprise as it kind of came out of nowhere and ended up being really entertaining. It's pretty much Orc Murder Sim 2014, and this is something I personally needed without ever realizing it. My one issue is the uruk captain trait generator can sometimes give you literally unkillable foes. I have one war-chief that after branding all five of his bodyguards and turning them and their troops against him, as well as releasing several caragors, this clown was the only one standing. Currently my game is at a point where all other captains and war-chiefs have been killed by this god amongst orcs. The game calls him Ishmoz the Slippery, but everyone else calls him The Juggernaut. Oh, right. Before he became war-chief, he took down a graug. Alone.
  2. Better Off Ted died way before it's time. Brilliant office based comedy. Also, as mentioned by others, Firefly. Farscape as well. The followup movie was because it was canceled by the network before they had a chance to get into the Peacekeeper/Skarraan war.
  3. Pretty much the entirety of the events that take place in Home in Final Fantasy X. That was just heart breaking.
  4. Is the game industry dieing? I can only answer that with the two most ambiguous words ever paired together. Goat Simulator.
  5. Draken: The Ancient's Gate has this one area that is a pitch black catacomb you must explore. What's in it? Put your sword away, and take out a torch to find out. HOLY CRAP SKELETONS ARE EATING ME! Yeah, it was pretty much like that.
  6. Picked up Descent on Steam for it's 19th anniversary. Playing the everliving crap out of it. Seriously, the game all other games owe for non-gimmicky 3d graphics, and it still is one of the best shooters even by today's standards. If you never played Descent or any of it's successors, pick this game up, like, right now.
  7. Just snagged Descent (yes, the 3d shooter from 1995) on steam and have been playing it endlessly. I forgot how amazing that game was...
  8. Dragon Age: Inquisition. I know, I know. Everyone (except myself, apparently) hated DA2, but despite having less than a year of development time and subsequent cut corners it was still pretty amazing so I am very stoked for this installment in the franchise. Also, I want to see what kind of crazy shenanigans Morrigan and Varric get into together.
  9. Boss battle music can pretty much be summed up by these two tracks. Final Fantasy 10's final Seymour fight: Final Fantasy 9's Trance Kuja fight:
  10. Babylon 5 Battlestar Gallactica (The reboot is far better than the original, though it does pay homage often enough) Farscape (Possibly one of the best sci-fi shows, period) Firefly SG-1, SG-Atlantis, SG-Universe, Stargate (The movie) These are pretty much the staple shows of the genre and well worth watching, particularly B-5 and Farscape.
  11. Final Fantasy 9. No seriously though. Some of the best dialogue, best character interaction (Zidane and Steiner have some pretty hilarious interactions) best villain right below FFX's Sin (Kuja is just so damn fabulous, oh and he also is like the only Final Fantasy villain to actually complete his end game even if the heroes undid it one insane giant space flea boss battle later). Also, most epic dramatic scene in an RPG, you know the part, when You're Not Alone plays exactly once. Biggest thing though was that the story from start to end was solid and well written, even FF10 with it's amazing story is relegated to 9's monolithic shadow.
  12. What? Four pages and not one post mentioning the Hub Network's (now concluded, sadly) Transformer: Prime? Deep, dark, gritty, it was a fantastic show for the three seasons it ran plus a bonus movie to wrap it all up.
  13. The Desolation of Smaug. This is one of those rare movies that MUST be seen in a theater to really, truly experience it. The characters were perfect, the scenery was amazing, and the action was a mixture of intense, epic, and often hilarious (in the good way). Now, let's talk about the dragon. Holy balls. Easily the most intimidating mythical creature to ever grace the big screen from the art style to the voice. Only one word describes Smaug without falling terribly short. Presence. His is unmatched even by Final Fantasy X's Sin. I dare say he dwarfed all the other characters! While I was originally wary about Cumberbatch for the role, simply because his voice generally is not what I would consider deep or threatening. However, due to the magic of post processing, he was clearly the perfect choice for the role and for once I was not disappointed by a dragon in a movie. Also, the dragon is the sole reason this movie needs to be seen in a theater. Dat reverb is terrifying.
  14. We use humanoid aliens because they are easier to relate to. A fourteen legged multi-segmented fleebergloggin that only speaks in telepathic haiku is not something most people can understand or relate to in any real way. As a sci-fi writer, this is one of my biggest problems with alien species, the more alien they are, the harder time my readers seem to have really connecting with them, even if they are suffering a very human plight like famine or war
  15. The Tower of Nightmares and Nightmare Within update have so far been quite amazing. Had a blast storming to the top of the tower with some friends and tearing apart the various champions.