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  1. i was lucky enough to find the pic i am using, just had to edit it a bit.
  2. one thing i find odd, tho it isn't outright stated, princess celestia seems to have more power and authority than luna. even tho luna is now unbanished it dosen't appear that celestia shares power with luna. I assume luna is once again responsible for raising the moon, but does she help rule equestria alongside celestia?
  3. i'd be great if the could bring it up to say.....tiny toons or animaniacs content wise. they really played fast and loose with the network censors lol. given hasbros restrictions though seems unlikely. even if this rumor turns out to be true. and as was already mentioned if they start down that path it could unravel what makes the show great, so that's A pretty tough call. if they can keep the integrity of the show intact while adding some maturity then I'm all for it.
  4. haha that would be epic and it would fit in so well in the show. we must make this happen! thought of another good one, David Hyde Pierce, he'd make a greas snobbish aristocrat.
  5. absolutely more luna. she needs another episode like NOW lol. I like her because shes more"humanlike". she has flaws and weaknesses and that makes her A more interesting character that Celestia.
  6. Kelsey Grammer, loved him playing sideshow bob. he'd make an awesome villain. Sacha Baron Cohen too, big bonus with these 2, they can both sing pretty good so they could do a musical number^^
  7. hasbro killed Optimus Prime in the movie so I wouldn't count anything out lol. all kidding aside I highly doubt it because i don't think the show (or possible movie) will ever be mature enough to deal with death or other dark subject matters.
  8. that sounds awesome, but we all know what happened with fighting is magic(still hoping that gets made in it's original form) so I hope you get it finished^^
  9. Rainbow Dash because she is what drew me to the show and I love her attitude. also she is probably the most like me out of the mane 6
  10. thanks you guys! it's great to meet you. we can hang out anytime if u want^^
  11. this reminds me of when they killed off Optimus Prime in TF the movie, Hasbro killed off several major characters in the film to make way for new toys. and that seems to be the same reason for making Twilight an alicorn, to sell A new toy line.(as suggested by those leaked tweets) as it stands right now, it's permanent. Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn princess. looking back at what happened in transformers, Hasbro resurrected prime after fan outrage. so if enough of us bitch to hasbro, maybe......only time will tell.
  12. Just flew down from cloudsdale, and wanted to introduce myself, I'm Cyclone Ryder, you can call me Ryder all my best buds do. I'm an aspiring pegasus training to one day join the wonderblots! don't know if I got what it takes but I gotta take my shot. I enjoy making new friends to hang out with and this looks like a great place to meet some cool ponies^^ awesome to meet you all!
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