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  1. I joined just after the end of season 3, and it took me around 3 weeks to watch all the episodes.
  2. NocturnalRainbow

    Pinkie Pie

    I love this. Great shading and I just love how you did the mane and tail Amazing work, keep it up!
  3. Good point, maybe the formula needed a little tweak to keep things interesting.
  4. Maybe some people hyped it a bit too much but so far it's been good. It's easily been on-par with the other seasons. What I really want is some more slice of life. The more "slice of life" episodes they've had have been incredible (Flight to the Finish and Rarity Take Manehattan) I mean, the more adventurous episodes are good, don't get me wrong, but I definitely prefer the little slice of life stories I had grown used to with the series before season 4.
  5. I would say everyone is technically both because I doubt there is a single person on earth with entirely good tendencies or entirely bad ones. With me I wanted to put what the majority of my actions were so I put sinner ._. I know that sounds pretty bad and I can be a nice guy when I want to but I tend to be quick to anger and most of the time I seem to be in a pretty foul mood. I tend to lash out at people a lot...
  6. Wow, I feel bad for that kid ._. No one deserves to be driven to suicide for any reason, especially a reason as small as watching a TV show. And this kids lives in my state .-. (I think I'm going to go donate to that fundraiser now)
  7. Well, one time I was trying to open the front door of my house and it was locked with the bolt (which I didn't notice for some reason, I just assumed it was jammed) After two minutes or so I pulled on the door so hard that I kind of ripped one of the hinges out and made the door half fall over ._. Another time I was skiing and I forgot to put one of my boots on properly and one of my skis went flying off down the mountain and I had to half limp after it with one ski on (I can't even count the amount of times I fell down )
  8. Toilet Humor is such a low brand of humor and one that I have a particular loathing for. No, I wouldn't enjoy My Little Pony if it had a lot of it, nor any show that did.
  9. NocturnalRainbow

    Clop survey

    I personally don't clop and haven't really considered it. I see why people do it though, it's just not really my thing.
  10. Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Total War: Shogun 2, Starbound, and Battlefield 4 Damn you Far Cry 3, making me spend countless hours hurling molotov cocktails at people driving on a bridge so the driver catches and fire and veers off into a ravine.
  11. Not really an object, but I've always wanted to perform the Rasengan from Naruto.... I mean, just sending people flying with it would be all the entertainment I need for the rest of my life.
  12. NocturnalRainbow

    Gaming Favorite Ace Attorney Game

    The first one One reason is that every game has that one derpy case, Turnabout Samurai in 1, Turnabout Big Top in 2, and Recipe for Turnabout (Haven't played Apollo Justice or Duel Destinies) Turnabout Samurai, in my opinion, was much better than either of the other ones (You don't want to know how much I hate Turnabout Big Top) And the last two cases... so amazing... Turnabout Goodbyes and Rise from the Ashes I love these cases so much, they gripped me more than any other game, not just in the ace attorney series. I remember I completed these cases in a week, not
  13. I only have 4 years of band under by belt but by god do I love it! I've played the Trombone for 4 years, mostly in the concert band but once in jazz band (which was the best overall band experience I've ever had) I'm probably going to be in my high schools marching band next year (It's my freshmen year, I didn't want to shove something as big as that on myself too quickly XD) I've had the same Trombone all four years actually and after many years of renting it I finally bought it a few months ago I'm planning to keep playing in the band, I don't think I'll be stopping for a
  14. 7.5/10 Pretty good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYCnpfkAE5I
  15. Okay, I kind of spoke wrongly. Not everything they did in this situation was right, they threw him in jail for one (temporarily, but still) and they probably didn't have to taser him either. I'm not sure what the situation was like though, maybe they did have to use a taser to stop him from going back into the house. They were right in restraining him, the way they went about it was wrong.
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