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  1. Why? It would be their problem, not Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, or Gilda's.
  2. Everypony, do you think that anypony at Flight Camp would deserve this? Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Gilda rant on to everypony and the coach about how horrible they've been to them, how horrible of ponies they, in the style of Seashell Seahorse Party, and run off to Ponyville. With nopony to be their punching bag, all the foals at Flight suffer each other and themselves. Many are let bawling out like a mess, yelling angrily at themselves or each other, and/or threatening to kill each other, even the coach.
  3. Some of you would call MLP:G1 crap, but how many times better would MLP:G1 be if Megan, Molly, and Danny were replaced by the park crew of Regular Show and what would the park crew do to everypony? I envision that in "Rescue at Midnight Castle", Mordecai would ask why Tirek wants to bring out eternal night and Benson will tell the Moochick to shut up and just get to the Rainbow of Light. Pops would ride Firefly up to Tirek and wrestle him. The Rainbow of Darkness gets knock out of Tirek's hand and Rigby gets chased around by Tirek and/or his minions. The Park crew rush out to get the Rainbow of light while the Rainbow of Darkness is in Rigby's hands and Tirek gets killed off. And we get his gem: Rigby: So Tirek's dead, right? Bowtie: Yep, that's the last we'll see of him. Rigby: So what do we do with this thing? Flush it down the toilet? Moochick: No, we must lock it away, so no one may use it for their evil deeds. Skips: I think I got a better idea. And then the Park Crew pour some gasoline on the Rainbow of Darkness and put a match on it.
  4. True, but G4 did have its disturbing moments like when G4 Tirek sucked up that magic from that unicorn in the alley and when Fake Cadence sent Twilight down to that prison. Plus, alot of G1 villains had somewhat cartoony design. And you do remember that G1 had a lot of goofy musical numbers.
  5. Do you think the 80's would have let this fly in a children's cartoon?Preston Northwest: A classist, pompous jackass who manipulates people into doing his dirty work, rather let his party guests be turned to wood and burned alive than to let poor people in his house, trains his daughter like a dog and have her respond to the ringing of a bell, sees his wife as more of a trophy than a spouse, secretly takes pride in his family's history of villainy, and planned to cannibalize his butler when he and his family went into a bunker to wait out a ghost attack. I watched Bright Lights to see how "dark" it really was. And I have one question for you: Did you care to re-watch the episode? In fact, did you even watch the episode at all? It was a popstar named Knightshade, whom Arabus bribed and threatened, that the ponies captured. Zeb, the zebra you mentioned, was Arabus's default assistant and the guy who held the satchel that took everypony's shadows while Knightshade distracted them.And I notice that Arabus was somewhat of a fool also, at least if we go by the logic that Chrysalis was a fool as well. Tactical Error 1: Arabus did not give Knightshade any bodyguards or stay with him. This left Knightshade vulnerable to any intruders that managed to bypass the rodents that were scouting the are for any and even gave him the chance to turn the tables against Arabus when nopony was looking. This came to bite Arabus in the ass when the ponies and Megan caught Knightshade, learned about him and his plane, and even talked Knightshade to their side. Arabus didn't give himself and Zeb bodyguards or any method of defense either, causing the ponies to knock the satchel out of Zeb's hands at times. Tactical Error 2: When Megan and the ponies tried to obtain the satchel from Zeb, Arabus did the chasing himself instead of sending his rodent minions. This not only made Arabus fall victim to his weakness, but also gave Megan an idea of how to defeat him. Tactical Error 3: Even if he did manage to get back to normal, Arabus did not take the risk of starving seriously and install a prison into his headquarters that he could feed from in the advent he does weaken. And besides, Arabus looked more cartoony than threatening and serious. He even had that goofy song to balance him out.
  6. Hi there, and happy birthday! :D Hope you have a good time~ ^~^

  7. Hi =)=)=)=)=) happy birthdaY =)=)=)

  8. But does Rescue at Midnight Castle come as less dark when you think about it that way?
  9. It looks as if FIM, the superior, newer series is forever going to live in the shame of being less hardcore than its 80's predecessor and not even being allowed to. But in all fairness, if you go by the interpretation that Queen Chyrsalis was a moron, then G1 Tirek was actually more incompetent than G4 Tirek for the following reasons: 1. G1 Tirek overlooked any hidden/potential threats. This is especially jarring considering a) He had a whole army of minions that could spare all that work for him or at least make new minions better suited for scouting and spying. Even if the ponies kept the Rainbow of Light hidden, the fact that Tirek in the absolute least had to bypass another territory's defense to abduct Scorpan should give him suspicions that his targets of choice could have tricks up their sleeves. 2. G1 Tirek didn't keep Scorpan supervised 24/7, thus giving Scorpan the chance to turn the tables against him in secrecy, which he did when he saved Megan. And instead of threatening to kill Spike, Why couldn't G1 Tirek have just brainwashed Scorpan? That way, it's guaranteed that Scorpan won't turn against Tirek. And you do got to admit, G4 Tirek sucking that unicorn's magic up in that alley does look disturbing. And the fact that he didn't need an army actually makes him more badass as well. Sure, G4 Tirek didn't imprison or kill the Mane Six and only did so to the Princesses, but if we were to go by the interpretation that G4 Tirek was that powerful, then imprisoning anypony wouldn't be actually necessary and stashing Luna, Celestia, and Cadence must've just been a sign of victory. Plus, you should realize that G4 Tirek's plan would render everypony unable to carry out the systems required to keep the world go round, thus ending the world. I do hate any guts the fans have or at Hasbro that state that FIM can't be just as dark or even darker than G1, but Rescue at Midnight Castle actually sounds less scary when you view that way.
  10. Some people label MLP G1 as darker and scarier than MLP:FIM because of things like Grogar and the Smooze and that FIM's villains are less well-written and cruel and more incompetent. That makes me feel uncomfortable because I think the more well-developed and written series should be allowed to be darker than its 80's counterpart. But was G1 even really that scary? Did everypony really cling on to the feelings they first had when they saw MLP:G1? Would anyone like to offer proof against that? And plus, would you be more sacred by the Cutie Map than anything from MLP: G1?
  11. But the But the damage those little cu**s at Flight Camp did to Fluttershy still scared her and that was inexcusable. They deserve to suffer how horrible of ponies they are and I give Tirek a giant thumbs up for sucking all there magic up. I'd just love to take their pictures and cherish them for all eternity. Plus, G1 only looks worse because that the ponies were weaker. I just realized by your logic, that would mean G1 Tirek made the following tactical blunders: 1. G1 Tirek didn't do his research either and overlooked the possibility of any hidden/potential threats. This is especially jarring considering that a) Tirek had an army of minions that could do that and save him the work. Even if his minions weren't suited for scouting and spying, then he could easily make himself minions better suited for the job. True, the ponies appeared weak and kept the Rainbow of Light hidden, but the fact that Scorpan is a prince obviously means that Tirek in the very least had to bypass the defenses of another territory. Doing such thing would likely give him suspicions that his enemies and targets of choice could have tricks up their sleves. And speaking of Scorpan, 2. Tirek hired a noble guy like Scorpan to lead his troops, one of his most valuable resources. True, Tirek did threaten to kill Spike to keep Scorpan from turning against him , but the fact he didn't keep Scorpan supervised 24/7 somewhat negates that and gave Scorpan the chance to turn the tables against Tirek in secrecy. Which he did when he saved Megan. And speaking of again, 3) Tirek didn't brainwash Scorpan. If Tirek used his magic to turn him into an asshole, then that would spare Tirek time and troops.
  12. Oh so what? You wouldn't like to see the CMC beat Diamond Tiara just to get her to shut up?
  13. You got the interpretation of Diamond Tiara wrong. She just really wanted an excuse to pick on ponies she hated or were in her way. If she hated blanks flanks, she'd also be picking on Pipsqueak.