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  1. 1 minute ago, Kyoshi said:

    This is true, but Trump lies all the time. That is also true. Him threatening regulation of social media because of this one thing is really what I find hilarious. That's the main point. Him threatening to do something so stupid that would result in extreme backlash from most people all because of something that one site does. It is comical.

    I agree with you that wanting to regulate twitter is really stupid and it is a stupid response and was mostly born out of the recent fact check. The most reasonable and justifiable thing that he could do would be to strip twitter of the protections of Section 230 as they've violated those sections. But Trump did say regulate, which is wholly different and just plain dangerous. 
    No thank you Cheetos in Chief~

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  2. The fact check thing was really stupid. I checked it myself, there was no fact checking. Only "according to CNN" and a few other news outlets. That is not fact checking, that is not even asserting a fact, it is basically the same as saying "allegedly". Is it funny? Yes, it kinda is, it is basically Trump getting trolled. But does it hold any actual sway or is it long term feasible? Most likely not, especially if Twitter is too scared of asserting facts themselves and has to delicate responsibility to news outlets (which, btw, are not fact checkers)~



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  3. 1 minute ago, AveryGamerDude said:

    None of those are good reasons, dude. Also: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/burden-of-proof

    And I'm trying to be more accurate, dude. I apologize if I was inaccurate. Also, being against SJWs isn't a bad thing (Because I am) but the problem is that most people don't realize that you don't HAVE to be right-wing to be against SJWs. Not to mention, SJWs are a very small minority of people, they aren't all over the place like these so called "anti-SJWs".

    The reasons don't have to be good for you to be an edgiboi or troll on the internet. Again, you took those samples from youtube of all the places you could have gotten some kind of a perspective to try and go back and forth on. When you leave comments on videos, your motives or intentions are not really clear to everyone. You also asked me to prove a negative which I should not have even attempted to try and prove, but considering I am rather used to dealing with jokesters online and edgy people, I gave my honest attempt~

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  4. 5 minutes ago, AveryGamerDude said:

    Do you have any proof that they are not being serious?

    -Anime avatar

    -Short provocative answer (banning age groups) 

    I can also turn this around. Do you have any proof they are being serious? 


    7 minutes ago, AveryGamerDude said:

    And fine, if it annoys you THAT much that I call them "alt-righters", how does "anti-SJW" sound? 

    This is not about being annoyed, it is about being accurate and if you want to debate politics, you damn better be accurate. 

    Anti-SJWs would probably be more accurate, especially in the case of Notch. But again, the images of the other people lead me to believe they are just making distasteful jokes except the 5persondude post that Gestum pointed out. 

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  5. Methinks you are using a very bad sample of people considering this is coming from youtube comment sections and you never know when people are being serious or are justing trolling your ass. 


    And the "my definition of an alt-righter is likely different to your definition" should immediately invalidate you from even making this blog post. If you can't pinpoint who they are, the agreed definition of who they are, you can just label anyone under the sun alt-right and it will just leave off far more people being alienated and pissed off. 

    Alt-right = White Nationalists/White ethno Nationalists. This is their main goal and what they unite under as their priority goal, the establishment of a white ethno state. 

    And Notch is not an alt-righter. 

    Zkrahks is right, you are oversimplifying the issue. If you seriously wish to criticize the alt-right, look at what some of their main thought leaders are putting out, what their ideas are and policies would be. Resarch people like Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor. Otherwise, you have not done a single thing to even criticize the alt-right, just some random posts on a video. 

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  6. I can't agree that you are a victim if it is because a store does not have some type of clothing that does not fit you :T I suppose that is what tailors are for. 

    But I will leave you with this, that constantly believing you are a victim, especially when the idea only exists in the abstract and in such a cryptic way, is very unhealthy for your mind. 

    Wish you the best :T 

  7. The question and answer might always be "maybe". 


    Perhaps it is best to quit from this site. Perhaps not. 
    At the present, if your motivations to come here is to hold on to the past, to past memories, I would say that this site will have lost any meaning or reason for you to be here. If there is something at present that makes you come back here, I would say that there is something you find worth in here. 

    If you want to be here, I would suggest finding reasons for why you want to be here. Character talks? Talks about the show? Art? About wider issues of the world? About yourself? Just general conversations with another human being? 


    The only fact is that we can never bring back the past into the present. Only imitate it. And even then, that in itself is not fulfilling enough, which is why we usually try to move on and discover something new. 


    As someone from the past, but also a person at present, I wish you the best Hitomi. 

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  8. Quote

    1.- State something I learned about you by looking at your profile for 20 seconds. do I even need to look at it because I'm already a profile stalker 

     2.- State a color you remind me of. 

     3.- Name an element I think you belong to (water, fire, earth, air).

     4.- Let you know which MLP character you remind me of.

     5.- Ask you a question I want you to answer.

     6.- Find something I actually find tolerable about you.

     7.- Think of something to say if we were roommates.

     8.- State the food/flavor/smell you remind me of. 

     9.- Guess something about you.

    1. You learned that I am an edgelord. 

    2. Natsukis hair

    3. Fire, cuz volcanoes 


    And because the Fire Nation suddenly attacked!!!! Like me!!! DEUTSCHLAND!!!! 

    4. Natsuk... Ieamn Pinkie Pie

    5. "Can I have Elsass-Lothringen?" 
    6. You tolerate my DEUTSCHLAND!! and also my KAISER!!!! stuff. 

    7. "Finally! Would you like to hear about our lord and savior Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Hohenzollern?"
    8. I remind you of the sweet taste of Blood and Iron, I remind you of the sweet smell of Deutschen 







    9. I think this weirdo (me) likes some German dude


  9. I won't say that I harbor any negative thoughts. I can see how you might think others will and I believe others will. But I think spending time in Roman and Greek history classes has brought a bit more nuance to my own view of other peoples views on the value of life. 

    When I read your essay I got a constant feel of as if I was reading something from Lucretius and Epiktetos, (and hints of Seneca or anything stoic, to be honest), however, they would probably differ from your view of what should be done with life. I would not be surprised if you have actually read their work. 


    Reading what they wrote, bothered me a lot. But then again, this is philosophical thinking, so I am completely fine with it. 


    The thing I will disagree on is that it is unethical to create life. I think that ethics are subjective and my ethics tell me it is not bad to create life. You are welcome to not sire any children ;) 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Yamet said:

    Right, but why? I mean,  it'd be rather dickish to still refer to someone as biological sex even if you knew that they are transgendered.   

    Why do you ask? ;)

    The reason is because I don't see them as the sex they want to be referred to. It is essentially trying to reset everything I have been brought up with, everything society has taught, just because of the inconveniance of a few (over words no less) :)


    You view it as dickish, I view it as dickish to make someone refer to someone as something they are not. 


  11. 31 minutes ago, Yamet said:

    If uoi don't mind, may I ask why? I mean, if you knew that somebody identified as the opposite gender it'd be sort of rude to refer to them as their biological sex.  

    I already made it clear below that quote. "I only deal in sex, not gender".

    Gender and sex is also synanymous in the Icelandic language. 

  12. While I am fine with you doing whatever you want with your speech, I am not going to be referring to a man as a woman or a woman as a man. 
    I might do so if they really do look like one of the sexes enough that I myself believe them to be, I am not going to really care though (I am not going to play detective and find out how to correctly identify someone) so I would probably refer to a very female looking man as a female. 

    But the point is, I only deal in sex, not in gender a term which seems that was made to be a distinction from sex since the 1950s. I look at "Caitlyn Jenner" and I see a full man. His voice is still completely masculine and he still looks completely masculine in the face. 

    You can identify yourself as whatever you want, but I am never going to refer to you as being something different than you actually are. 

    Call me uncharitable or unwanting to find some middle ground, but the only middle ground I really offer is the fact that I don't care how people are going about identifying as. I am not going to play the 


    to try and control anyone. People are free individuals. 

    When it comes to sports? Then you will see me taking an absolutist ground. I would try and bar someone like Caitlyn Jenner from trying to compete amongst women in any kind of physical sport. It is given that the male body has an advantage to the female body, making  them buffier and stronger. So I will never support someone like Hannah Mouncy who is the ex-Olympic  men's player, but now identifies as a woman and is angry that they don't get to play in the female league. 


    But hey, at least I don't care about the bathroom issue. I understand the rape fear and I can see people pretending that they identify as some gender just to get into either bathroom. But otherwise, I don't really care which bathroom they will go into. 


    The point with the I am Legend medical treatment. This is still an actuality. When you go to the hospital for any kind of medical treatment, it is imperative that you tell the doctor what your sex actually is, because it does really matter. When it comes to medical treatment, there can be no argument and feelings don't matter even a bloody bit because such feelings could get you killed if you get the wrong kind of treatment. 


    But that is me throwing in my own opinion into the ring. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, Key Sharkz said:


    Because the focus has not been put on the victim but on a member leaving the fandom. 

    Back in the thread about Toonkritics deeds, I agreed with you that too much focus was being put on the fandom and its reputation rather than on the specific incident and on the perpetrator and the victim. That was a discussion where the fandom's reputation did not matter or at least not as much and the discussion should have primarily been focused on the specific incident in of itself, but what can you really do when it is located in the Sugarcube where discussion about the fandom usually goes about? 


    But in this discussion, this is about someone leaving a fandom and people are just stating that they find the reasons either dramatic or misguided. 


    @Snow Frostflame  and @Dark Qiviut are not wrong to be focusing on aspects of the fandom in this instance since the focus has been put on the fandom and on the OP themselves (by the OP). And to be completely honest, looking at DQ's response, the only instance where I see him even focusing on the fandom is on his last line stating that the fandom as an entity was disgusted over the Toon incident. Otherwise, his entire response was about philosophical aspects of not letting a specific incident ruin something someone loves. I don't see any wrong in that. 


    About them having some duty to perform to make sure to make people want to stay in the fandom. It is not really their job or rather, they might not have all the solutions to that problem, but they can still state their opinion on certain other matters especially if the focus is being put on another matter. In fact, when thinking a bit more about what they are saying, it seems more like "Let's not go over the top and take any kind of rash actions before we have at least talked this out and figured things out". Because leaving means there won't be participation in discussions and trying to find a solution to a specific problem. But again, someone leaving does not bear any kind of responsibility to be participating in said discussion or in trying to find solutions. Their free will. 

    I also note this, that which you quoted yourself: 

    7 hours ago, Snow Frostflame said:

    Though our point isn't to downplay sexual assault in the name of defending the fandom, our point (or at least my point) is that leaving behind what you love over one event is completely ridiculous.



    Their stance is perfectly valid given the focus of this blog. 


    1 hour ago, Key Sharkz said:

    more interested in lecturing people on why they shouldn't leave the fandom over this than being proactive in explaining what you are going to do to make it not a problem anymore.

    Again, not really their responsibility or duty. They are not wrong in pointing things out even if you may disagree with where their focus lies. But they can not really be proactive in resolving a problem for someone if that certain someone has already left. 


    I agree with you when it comes to shaming people. People shouldn't really shame people for wanting to leave. But if a person offers a reason for why they are leaving, people are given the opportunity to respond and so far, I have not seen anyone in this thread crossing some kind of line. 



    As for the OP themselves, if you want to leave, you are welcome to leave. Such is the case for every place where you have the freedom of choice. Nothing wrong with not wanting to be part of something that one does not want to be a part of, especially if you are uncomfortable with being part of it. 

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